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We haven't cancelled our September/October trip and I'm hoping it will work out. A decision will have to be made by mid-August. If we end up having to cancel, so be it. We can always reschedule when the time is right. Safety first.

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I am not booking a trip until they have a vaccine that works and is available to the public. As others have said, safety first. I don't want to get sick and I don't want others to get sick because of me.

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My travel dates are in line with Andrea’s, my flights booked in January. Presently I see a tiny sliver of hope, growing smaller by the day.

What I don’t understand is that Air Canada, according to their website, has a whole slew of daily flights still on schedule to Munich. Tourists who are non-Schengen citizens are not allowed to enter Germany presently.

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It is a tough choice. It will probably be better in September than it is now, but there is no vaccine and probably won't be one by September.

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I think you should prepare at home immediately. I've moved travel from May to September, but I'm not too optimistic really even a little bit and I live here. One step to cancelation and renegotiation for the next. Not traveling is like missing your best friend again and again. Imagine yourself traveling in this situation. Hotels and boarders are closed. Stay home, social distance and be safe.

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Sorry, you won’t be going in September. The world is a ways away from a vaccine. There is NO cure. There are lots of tests and experimental treatments (a good thing). Approx 98% of cases have not proven fatal. So just because someone in a test/trial gets better is not verification of a “cure”. The whole purpose of tests and trials is to learn and develop potential treatments. This is not a time to rush to a judgment.

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matthewstephanie1032, no one really knows for sure. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is just putting forward wild speculation.

If I were to make a wild guess, by September the trip will be "legal". But like I said, that's (my) wild speculation. When the time comes, and if you can get out of the US and into Germany (then back into the US), then you will have to decide if you want to do it given what ever state the world is in at that time.

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RE: What I don’t understand is that Air Canada, according to their website, has a whole slew of daily flights still on schedule to Munich.

Gundersen: Since you posted, AC has suspended Munich flights March 29 to May 31 (subject to change). Over 16,000 AC staff have been layed off according to our news in Canada - domestic, cross-border, and international flights have been reduced or temporarily cancelled.

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I too have a trip planned in early Sept. booked back in early Dec. that starts and ends in Germany. I'm waiting as my first hotel stay can be cancelled anytime before 8/30 before I'm charged anything. Same with the other hotels, as long as I cancelled before their deadline I'm okay. All my flights are refundable. Only money I might lose is about $15 on a bus ticket.

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I have my Christmas/Holiday Markets trip booked for end of November & beginning of December (Amsterdam, Munich, Strasbourg/Colmar & Paris). Hoping to still be able to do the trip, not sure if Markets will be open this year.

We are booked for the tour of Germany in September/October but like most travelers we are concerned about the current and near future prospects to follow through. I have been checking airline flights but have not yet booked because of the Covid- 19 impacts. At this point I am inclined to reschedule for next year. Any thoughts or suggestions from other travelers for this tour would be very helpful and appreciated.