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Germany for Americans - Spring 2022

Does anyone have thoughts on whether it would be safe to start working up a trip itenerary for visiting Germany/Austria/Switzerland in mid-Spring, 2022? I am concerned I will be out $$ if coutrires remain or reclose their borders to US travelers.

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toalspnbt, you'll note that now that RSE has opened up 2022 tours for booking, thousands of people are signed up for travel to Europe for next year. Yes, things could go bad again, but that's what travel insurance and booking refundable logistics is for.

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I have tickets to the Oberammergau Passion Play in May 2022 and plan to spend 2 weeks in Germany and Austria as part of that trip. I have a general idea of an itinerary in my head, but I'm not really thinking much about specifics, lodging reservations or airfare at this point. I will probably wait to see what happens with COVID in fall and early winter before doing too much with that trip.

I will hopefully have the advantage of a late September trip to Bosnia under my belt by then. Since Germany is taking the US off its risk list, I'm now working on trying to get to Germany for around 10 days late August/early Sept for a wedding.

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Nothing is certain, but I'd go ahead and start planning that trip without committing money to it yet. Check flight schedules and fares (but don't buy), map out an itinerary, identify hotel options, etc. Check airline policies on changes or cancellations. For a trip next spring I'd hold off on a non-refundable airfare till this fall, and look for an airline that will let you switch to later flights without a fee or convert your fare into a credit for future travel. Pay a little more for hotel reservations that can be cancelled on short notice, likewise any car rental you may be looking at.

I'm planning an October 2021 trip to Germany but haven't committed any money yet. Soon I'll probably get a ticket on British Air, which is offering credit for cancellation. Then I'll make cancellable hotel reservations. If I can't go to Germany in October I'll take BA's voucher and use it for a May 2022 trip to Ireland. Their current policy would require me to use the voucher before April 2023. If (God forbid) pandemic conditions persist that long, I expect they will extend the life of the voucher beyond that. Everyone is different, but to me the financial risk seems manageable.

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It is never too early to sketch out a desired trip.... as long as no commitments are made... Planning and research is much of my fun on this stuff. You should have much better idea of what to expect by this Summer and Fall when Germany decides on if/how it will open Octoberfest and the 2021 Christmas markets.

Given your timing remember that "Mid-Spring" means different things in the Mountains compared to the cities. Weather can be highly variable, hot one day and snow a day later... Rain is common. Many places that do winter sports and summer tourists also close their doors in "mid-Spring" for a break. Consider scheduling around Fasching School Break: 28 February – 4 March 2022 and Easter/Spring: 11 – 23 April 2022).

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You should have much better idea of what to expect by this Summer and
Fall when Germany decides on if/how it will open Octoberfest and the
2021 Christmas markets.

Just to keep people up-to-date, it has already been decided that Munich will not have the Oktoberfest this year. About Christmas markets, most have not yet announced.

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We are hoping next April in Germany.

Some facts. Germany is about 28 percent fully vaccinated and still accelerating the vaccination rate. Will Germany continue on a fast vaccination rate? The US is about 44 percent with the vaccination rate tapering off. There is is a variant in India that is far more infectious that is expected to make an impact in the West going into this fall. I keep thinking we will know better after the race between vaccinations and variants is sorted out. I am hoping the picture will be clearer by October.

We have our vaccinations but several states including Utah are talking about outlawing a "Vaccination Passport". I wonder how Germany would safely open to Americans. What will serve as proof of vaccination?

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We too have been fully vaccinated and are will to follow through with any boosters. Surly by April/May 2022 we would be free to go to Germany. We also want to spend some time in Austria and Switzerland. I'm not sure of their current status on American travelers. Thanks for all of the replies. Keep any suggestions/updates coming. I enjoy reading each and every one of them.

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My plans on traveling focus on returning to Germany and France in the summer of 2022, assuming both are accessible. If not. I'll just omit the the non-accessible country.

My passport is up to date, I'm willing to wait.

Most of the plans already worked on at this moment center on going back to France and specifically Paris.