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Germany during Euro2024

We are planning to be in Germany in June 2024 and learned that Euro2024 will be happening during our time there. This 4-day Germany portion of our adventure is at the tail end of a bike n barge tour we have planned in The Netherlands/Belgium. We will be training from Bruges down the Rhine at the end of the bike n barge tour. /// Anyway ... our plan is/was to stay along the Rhine for 3 nights (perhaps Sank Goar or Bacharach) and then 1 night in Mainz prior to our flight out of Frankfurt on June 24. Tentative Rhine dates are June 20, 21, 22 / Mainz night is June 23 - flight out morning of June 24 (Frankfurt). /// With Euro2024, there are games in Cologne June 19, Frankfurt June 20, Cologne June 22 and of most concern is Frankfurt June 23 (the night before we fly out). One friend says to avoid avoid avoid the entire country during the event - crowds and expensive! Of course, common sense dictates to book early. We don't plan to attend any games, but love sports and the energy that surrounds. However, this is a global event and we are worried that it might be wise to avoid. Thoughts appreciated!

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I sort of doubt that the scheduled events will impact the smaller towns in the Middle Rhine Valley much, if any, but of course booking in advance is well advised for that part of June anyway.

If you want things slightly more peaceful, you can book on the Mosel River, which is generally quieter anyway, where Burg Eltz, Cochem, Trier, Bernkastel, Traben-Trarbach, and Beilstein are some of the more interesting places to visit... spend your 3 nights there, with 2 full days on that river, then spend a full day #4 on the Rhine after checking out. Koblenz has station lockers for your bags. From there you can visit Marksburg Castle in Braubach (10 train minutes from Koblenz) and perhaps fit in a river cruise, St. Goar, or Bacharach afterward, before proceeding to Mainz for the night. That said, you COULD just stay in Bacharach overnight... it's only around an hour from FRA and you can probably find a DIRECT train on next year's schedule from there to FRA on the morning of your flight. This year's a.m. train options:

Bacharach > FRA
6:56 - 8:04
7:23 - 8:19
9:36 - 10:34

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Other than hotels being a bit full and maybe a bit more expensive, it shouldn't be too bad. It's already tourist and festival season, and this isn't Germany's first rodeo with this. We hosted the Men's World Cup in 2006, and it is still called the fairy tale summer.

You can instead enjoy the public viewing hopefully happening. Watching Germany-Argentina go to penalty kicks with 100,000 new friends in Stuttgart in '06 is still a favourite memory. Yes, cities might be a bit crowded and hotel prices might be a bit higher, but the atmosphere is also tons better!

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Hotel prices for the date of these events are already available. They will likely change if demand is different than the hotel forecasts, but are probably a decent estimate of the prices at the time of your visit. Hotels in Frankfurt are showing 2 to 4 times the typical price during the events. Check the prices in nearby towns, probably better prices.