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Germany & Austria - - > Itinerary for 8 Days

My husband and I are traveling to Europe for the first time with our high-school aged boys. We've travelled extensively in North and Central America, and the Caribbean, but never Europe. We are flexible, adventurous and like to squeeze as much into a day as possible. I'd like some suggestions for sights & itinerary for the 8 days we are in Germany & Austria.

We land in Stutgart at 10pm on a Thursday and need to be at the Munich airport 8 days later (Saturday morning). We will have a car and 3 drivers. The requests of all the travellers are below; do you think we can fit this all in?

Stutgart - Mercedes Museum, connect with American friends living in Wiesbaden
Salzburg - Sounds of Music, Motzart, Untersberg cable car, Fortress, Red Bull, Old Town
Munich - Beirgartens, Englisher Garten, and Dachau

I'd love suggestions on itineraries, housing/hotels along the way, sights we should add/delete. THANK YOU!

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we found the red bull building is interesting, doesn't take long to look around, and its free, do check out the toilets. we really enjoyed the BMW Welt plant tour and museum, watching cars being built, need to book in advance and right in Munich itself.
Salzburg is lovely to walk around, and the Berchtesgaden area is great, so much to see. remember to get your Austrian vignette for your car, if using the toll roads, about 8 euro for 10 days.

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The Mercedes museum is excellent. The Porsche museum is less rewarding unless you're a serious Porsche enthusiast, as many of the cars on show are very similar.

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You should be fine to see the wish list in 8 days in a compact area. But do you need to go to Wiesbaden, or are those friends meeting you in Stuttgart?

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Since you will be in Salzburg and have an automobile then by all means visit Salzkammergut and especially Hallstat. This very small Austrian village is nestled into the edge of a mountain overlooking one of the most picturesque lakes one can imagine. The villagers don't allow cars (except their own) but it is a very short walk and the time is well worth it. If one doesn't have a car the train station is located across the lake and a small boat brings visitors back and forth.

Hallstatt was originally settled by the Romans and there still remains artifacts of their foundations.

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Thank you so much for the replies. This is very helpful. We were thinking about driving to Wiesbaden to see our friends, but it may be easier to have them meet us in Stutgart (since it is in the opposite direction of Salzburg).

We would also like to add the dinner/concert at St. Peter's Abby in Salzburg and maybe the ice caves. Any suggestions with these?

Also, do you recommend buying the "Salzburg Card" as soon as we arrive? Is it worth the cost?

Thank you (again)!