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Germany/Austria/Czech Republic in June 2020

We have a 2 week self planned trip through Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic starting June 5th. In light of the Covid-19 situation, do you think we should continue with our plans? I feel bad about canceling our hotel reservations since they will be in need of our travel dollars even more now. That decision can wait for a few more weeks, but would appreciate hearing if anyone else is planning a trip in June to these countries and what your thoughts are.

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It is a decision that you must make based on research and your personal risk. Not sure of your age or health, but if over 60, I suggest consulting your physician.

As for travel in June, clearly the virus will still be a risk, while probably a reduced risk by June, still, not sure that air travel from North America to central Europe will be available?

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In Austria they have made plans about when and how to abolish the current rules the and presented them today. Hotels will be allowed to open after may, small shops will open next week etc. So maybe it is still possible..

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Many believe that taking any trip this soon is too risky for many reasons--including for your health.
You might want to wait until the virus is under control to make plans of any kind.
We were supposed to fly home yesterday from Berlin, but British Airways cancelled the flights. Now we've got to fight to get our money back from a travel agent. We're tabling our European trip until next year.

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First, there needs to be the flights out
Second, there needs to be no quarantine period when you land
Third, there needs to be no quarantine period when you return.
Fourth, you have to be willing to accept what ever risk might be involved. For that listen to the CDC and WHO and our own government; not the RS forum.

I'm an optimist and I would keep my plans. My optimism is driven by a fear of what the world will look like if I am wrong, and because I am going a bit stir crazy here.

If I can't get into Europe I am heading for Hawaii as soon as they normalize their border.

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I don’t want to travel until the virus is under control and I feel happy getting on a plane, whenever flights resume. That’s unlikely to be in 2020 for me.

I have cancelled my June trip.

James makes good points about potential quarantine risks.

Europeans who can’t travel further afield will be spending their cash in Europe instead.

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Flights will also be restricted or cancelled (or should be) if quarantine is still in effect.

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Which websites are you using to monitor this situation of border openings and quarantines of any European countries ?
I hear that one is not allowed into the UK until June 1 (as of now). But where do you find that notice ?

I am also not sure that I want to be in Europe versus the US if I would get sick, so our trips this year will likely be rescheduled for 2021.
But I'm not sure I will wait until I get a vaccine to travel the world again.
I am a hopeless optimist !

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The CDC website shows the US restrictions here.

The State Department's travel advisory portal is here.

It would be important also to consult an official source for each potential destination country. I suspect that information could be turned up by a bit of Googling, but my first step would be to ask in the appropriate country forums here for an official website.

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Thanks acraven. The US site was one I have watched, but never saw a statement "you are not allowed into the UK until June 1."

The CDC site is better. I would just like to monitor the countries over the next few months.

I am still hoping I will wake up one morning and this will ALL have been a nightmare instead of real life.....

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James has a good approach - which is to wait and see if travel and shelter restrictions are still in place. We will have a pretty good idea for early June by early May. Right now in early April, it is just too soon to predict what it will be like in June.

Of course, if you do not have non-refundable reservations, you can cancel anytime if you have personal or health concerns, regardless of whether restrictions are lifted.

Personally, I have a late June trip planned. We are in a wait-and-see mode right now.

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Our American flight at the end of May into LHR has not been cancelled, but today our American flight into Rome in October was cancelled.

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We have a 2 week self planned trip through Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic starting June 5th

June 5th of what year?

This year? Not very likely. 2021? Maybe (personally, if forced to make a guess right now, I'd say 50/50 for 6/2021, but it's impossible to know). You will need to wait and see.

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First of all, you have to remember that strict social distancing is going to be needed here in the United States until probably the end of May or we will end up with a reoccurring problem. I think that the plan to travel anywhere (domestic or abroad) on June 5th is not an action that you should take.

The plan to slow the effects of this virus only works when we all work together. It isn't fun to cancel trips (I've had to cancel two so far). It isn't fun to stay at home (working from home isn't that exciting either). But we are not talking about fun. We are talking about saving lives of others. All of us must work together for this purpose.

June 5th is going to be too soon to travel.

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We are in a wait-and-see mode right now.

Unless you know someone with a crystal ball, that's all you can do .... And, it is a plan. Time will tell what no one else can.

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I would wait until your flight gets cancelled. However, I highly doubt you will be going anyway. The US will probably still be fighting the virus for the next few months and I doubt the European countries will open themselves back up to countries that are still fighting the virus.