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Germany and Austria After Christmas

I am currently planning a trip to Germany from December 29-January 8 from New York with my boyfriend. I am looking for recommendations for an itinerary for After Christmas/New Years between Germany and Austria. I read that Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna are all great places for the New Year but I'm also looking for Christmas in Germany as well. I know it is after Christmas and this is hard to find so any suggestions would be great. I haven't booked anything and I am willing to travel to both Vienna (or any other recommended cities) and/or multiple cities in Germany.

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Vienna is on my bucket list for NYE. In addition, their Xmas markets do stay open beyond Xmas. Happy travels.,

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I would go to Berlin for New Years Eve. More museums to see on those cold, grey days.
Some cities have official fire works shows and others don't. Frankfurt doesn't. People just buy 100s of € worth of fireworks and set them off for at least an hour on NYE. The next day, the city is covered with the trash of this. Personally, I dislike the whole waste of money and the mess of all the glass and firework debris. They keep talking about making it illegal in Germany,, but they never do. So, much as I love this city, I don't love this night here.

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Although I'm from Munich I would not recomend to spend NYE there. No official fireworks and any place recomended to watch the private fireworks I would not go to. Drunken dorks just throwing their firecrackers in every direction and you feel not safe. And as far as I know (but maybe I'm too old already) no real must go to NYE party is existing in Munich.

I would prefer going to Berlin or Vienna.

Have fun.

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Okay so I am definitely into Berlin since i'm getting responses about Berlin. Any thoughts on Frankfurt? Also im wondering if Berlin has Christmas Markets after Christmas? What other things do you suggest as must seems, or must eats, in Berlin? Thanks again!

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Frankfurt has a ton of museums to visit and lots of cultural activities. I just wouldn't plan on being here for NYE, like I said in my earlier post.

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"I'm also looking for Christmas in Germany as well. I know it is after Christmas and this is hard to find..."

For many years, the city of Speyer has held a Christmas and New Year's market that runs through the first week of January. (I don't see a Christmas schedule for this season yet, but many places are gun-shy about announcing events in advance while Covid is still around.) A visit targeting Frankfurt/Mainz/Heidelberg could easily include a day in Speyer. Speyer is an underrated gem on its own... its UNESCO World Heritage cathedral, the Jewish history, the Technik Museum and other sights/museums get overlooked in certain lightweight guidebooks, but other resources do the place justice.

Things to see and do in Speyer

BTW, the Techik Museum is open on 12/31/22 and 1/1/23 - 365 days per year, in fact. There's a restaurant there as well:

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Unfortunately in many cities in Germany, folks set off fireworks in the street. IMHO, with the drinking it’s a danger to go out. I think Vienna might be a better place for NYE.
Please note Christmas markets end before Christmas so you probably won’t see them.

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We lived in Augsburg, Germany for four years. It gets dark at 4:30pm and is cold. If you go, dress warm, take gloves and a warm hat, scarf, an overcoat and warm shoes.

Also, because of the gas shortage (no more Russian gas), Germany will be cutting back on lighting and probably heat.
Probably not the best time to go.