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Germany 9 day trip

I am planning a trip to Germany arriving Aug 8 and departing Aug 17, 2014. Wurzburg is a must because I was born there and haven't been back, and I want to go to the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart as well as the Black Forest. I'm trying to decide if it's best to fly roundtrip to Frankfurt and make a circle, or if it would be better to fly to Frankfurt and make stops along the way to Munich flying back from Munich. This is my first trip back since I left when I was 8 months old, and I want to see as much as I can in the southern part of Germany, although, I really want to go to Berlin but think it will have to wait until another trip. I will appreciate any advice and "must sees".

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Since you are not talking thousand of miles of travel I would plot out the places you want to see and then weigh them against the cost of the flight. If you can do the round trip cheaper than the open jaw and can do a circle trip, then do that, but if you are backtracking and wasting time just to save money I would not do it. If you are renting a car it will probably not make a difference if you do open jaw as there is typically not a drop fee in the same country, but check rental rates at both airports. If you are doing all train I cannot advise you on the route as I always have a car in Germany. One of my favorite places to visit in the south is Bodensee (Lake Constance) I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Have a great trip. If you go to Frankfurt and want some advice I am sure Jo will jump in. Another favorite place I really enjoy is Heidelberg. And almost any other town in the south of Germany... it's beautiful.

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Look at flying into or out of Stuttgart. Air Berlin might be a choice - (they partner with American Airlines ) so that would save you some time. The Porsche Museum is another excellent auto Museum in Stuttgart

Are you thinking of using the train (very easy and inexpensive) or driving?

Being in the Wurzburg area, then I would certainly visit Nuremberg and Rothenburg.

Make a preliminary schedule and plug in train times ( or driving times ( That will probably result in reducing the number of stops on the trip.

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Thanks so much for the info and advice. I have a list of places I would like to see, but I'm sure I won't have time to see all of it. Since this post is older, I will begin a new post with my "wants" and request recommendations.

We would like to rent a car to have flexibility, but will include train travel and a boat tour would be nice on the Rhine or Main if that is recommended.

Thanks again!