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German Rail Pass

We a group of 5 will be travelling for 20 days in Germany with a 2 day each visit to Innsbruck, Salzburg and Prague
I am confused as to whether I should buy 15 days German Travel Pass or theRegional passes like Bayern.
Can someone help me? In Germany we will be staying at Munich. Berlin, Frankfurt

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What are your travel dates?

How many nights (not days) will you spend in each destination, including the German destinations?

What airport(s) are you using to enter/exit Europe?

What is the composition of your group (adults, ages of any children)??

Are you looking at CONSECUTIVE or FLEXI passes? Maybe the 5-days-in-a-month flexipass? If you find that a GRP ends up being desirable at all, I am guessing FLEXI would work better as you've named 6 destinations over 20 days - and that's about 5 journeys if you fly open jaws. I really cannot understand how a rail pass with 15 travel days might be useful for you.

Prague is not covered by a GRP except by IC Bus - and even then you will pay extra for the required bus reservation.

Some of your journeys (like Munich - Salzburg) might otherwise be accomplished by cheap day pass (like the Bayern Ticket for Munich - Salzburg.) For the long ones, p2p tickets could be purchased in advance online at DB at a discount.

On the surface, it looks like your itinerary is too rushed. You are covering a LOT of ground and probably have too many destinations - as well as big destinations that require a good bit of time. I would consider dropping Innsbruck and/or Frankfurt (but then, I've no clue how/why you made your choices.) Berlin typically requires 4 days (so maybe 4-5 nights.) 2 nights in Prague are insufficient, considering the ground travel times before and after.