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German QR Certificates

Several hotels and establishments are requiring proof of vaccination and certain businesses such as the Swim Baths and fancier restaurants are requiring a test within 24 hours prior unless one has CovPass the digital app certificate. If one can not get the app a Pharmacy ( any) can register you to print you one out but they must see proof of vaccination...

Has anyone been able to use their CDC card to obtain such? if our CDC cards are not recognized as proof of vaccination how are Americans to acquire a QR code printout? It seems we can enter Germany but we ' can't to anything' where a QR is required OR we get tested daily or every 48 hours depending on which state.

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California offers a QR code to the vaccinated. Perhaps Illinois also does or will.

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Hi Russ, thx for the reply

Indeed CA also NY offer but a friend with the CA one was rejected because that QR wasn't in the German database the Pharmacist enters one in to. Basically ' you can come to Germany but you can do this, can't do this' all varies by state also by ' employee to employee.' I think there is just no national German directive as to what to do w the CDC cards other than let us in. A system is ' in the works' but has been for months and w no reciprocity on travel from the EU to the USA if we Americans won't develop a synced system I do not see the EU incentive...

In all fairness to the Germans, they just let us back in they just came out of harsh lockdowns maybe in a few weeks will know more and hopefully some travelers return and/or post their experiences ...

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Some readers on the Reddit r/travel sub-Reddit reported that they were able to use their CDC card to get a German CovPass at a German pharmacy. Others on the same sub-Reddit reported no luck.

The California vaccination QR codes are "Smart Health Card" URI codes (Uniform Resource Identifier) and requires a separate verification app to actually process it. They are not compatible with the EU "Green" certificates.

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My American friends who got their vaccines in the US were able to get the QR code and digital pass at the German Apotheke with no problems showing their CDC card.