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German Christmas markets this year?

In some comments I have read on other threads, it was mentioned that the Christmas markets in the Alsace area have only a 50/50 chance of happening this year. Am wondering about the German Christmas markets. Does it look any better so far for the chance of any markets happening in towns like Rothenburg, Miltenburg, Tubingen, or Heidelberg, or is too early to tell? My wife and I are most likely, and reluctantly, shelving our planned 4-week trip to Germany, Italy and Switzerland in October, and instead are considering just doing Germany only (to avoid any cross-country Covid transit problems). We have done the Christmas markets once before and had a wonderful time. We thought maybe going there as late as possible in the year might give us the best chance of there being reduced Covid restrictions, etc. Would appreciate any guidance.

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It’s far too early to say. Last year, Covid was worse in the winter, but that was before mass vaccinations started. Current U.K. infection rates are far higher than this time last year, although there are fewer deaths. We are anticipating a grim winter. Germany now has the Delta variant.

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They will announce it in Sept. probably as the markets need to be setting up by end of Nov. in many cities. Once they decide, they wouldn't change it later in the year. Just be patient. We all want them to happen too. Right now in Frankfurt, they are trying out a "Summer in the City" fest, with the stands and rides spread all over the city. We think it is a test run for the Christmas markets. If they can spread out, and the vaccination rates continue going up like they have, then this is all positive.

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We go over every other year, we were set to go 2020, then the markets cancelled. We changed to Dec 2021, but after much talk and consideration, we have moved it to Dec 2022 - we just don't want to risk spending so much money to get there and then have so many restrictions and rules - we LOVE the Xmas Markets as we know them (PreCovid) - we believe IF they happen this year, they will be smaller, more spread out, and def rules re: food, cafes, etc - we are hopeful that by Dec 2022, things will be better. If the markets happen this year, you will have to make the call re: going. When we called our hotels in Munich, Nuremberg, Passau, Regensburg, Salzburg, & Vienna - the receptionists all said we made the right choice in delaying YET ANOTHER YEAR. Many of the Xmas Market River cruises have already canceled. No one knows yet- we are watching closely. When we called Delta to cancel our flights, they even said so many flights are already getting canceled and merged in Nov/Dec. Just know if they are open, which I do 'think' they will be on a smaller scale, that they will be very different. Even when they were still in the works for 2020, before they canceled, the rules were released for the eating areas/gluhwein/etc and there were lots of restrictions. Also, know many of the markets close down Dec. 23 - but there are a few that stay open past the New Year - this info is easy to find online. I do hope they are able to open, but this Delta Variant could be a game changer with EU travel this Fall/Winter. I love hearing our RS Forum members who live in the EU chime in on these posts.