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Fussen to Salzberg

We are a family of 4 traveling from Munich to Salzberg. We would like to spend 2 days traveling from Munich to Salzberg (tour of Neuschwanstein Castle, included in plans) and wondering what city along the way would be a good base for 2 nights? Other suggestions for sights along the way would be appreciated. We are an active family, with 2 busy boys (ages 8 and 12), and love adventure. Thanks for advice!

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I assume you mean you want to tour Neuschwanstein on the way to Salzburg. The only good all-rail link between Füssen and Salzburg goes through Munich, so you might just want to do Neuschwanstein as a day trip and then go from Munich to Salzburg (1½-2 hrs), maybe stop at Herrenchiemsee.

A slower, but more scenic and interesting route would be to go from Hohenschwangau to Garmisch-Partenkirchen by bus (RVO 9606) via Oberammergau, then take buses from Garmisch to Bad Tölz with a change in Kochel am Kochelsee. From Bad Tölz, you can go to Salzburg by way of Bad Aibling and Rosenheim.

Kochel or Bad Tölz are resort areas and a good place to overnight although maybe a bit to far from Hohenschwangau. You could also go stay in Füssen and do the trip to Salzburg the next day, or take the afternoon bus to Oberammergau (or Garmisch-P) and spend the night there.

You could also do bus to Garmisch, train to Innsbruck via Mittenwald, train to Salzburg.

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Thanks, Lee. I should add that we will be driving! That would help:)

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I've never used, or felt a need for, a car in Germany, so I don't know where the roads are.

If there are road through it, go through that same area, south of Munich, around Tegernsee. It's pretty and a lot more interesting than through Munich.

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Hi KCJ- I would spend the night in Fussen so you can do other things like the luge at Tegelbergbahn. When I have driven between Fussen and Salzburg I always take the route through Reutte and Lermoss to Garmisch then take A95 toward Munich and turn east on B472. This will take you through Bad Tolz to Irschenberg where you can join A8 south to Salzburg. There is another way to go through Innsbruck but I can't comment on that route. Be sure to get a rental with GPS or pick up a good map at any station on the autobahn. And remember to get the Austrian pass before driving on the Austrian autobahns. Have a great trip!!!

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We have done this route several times with a car. We have always chosen to stay in Oberammergau. We usually take the side roads from Munich to Oberammergau, passing through Wessling and Herrsching (with a visit to Andechs Monastery). The drive will be a little longer this way but I think it is simply lovely. If it is a clear day you can take a side trip to Hohe Peissenberg for a dramatic panoramic view of the Alps. Depending on when you leave Munich, you should have time to take a side trip and see the Wieskirche as well. After you arrive in Oberammergau, you could visit Ettal Monastery, which is just outside the town.

On your full day, you could start early and go straight to Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles. Visit them as early as you can get yourselves there to avoid the lines. Then give your boys a chance to ride the Tegelberg Luge. When you are finished, take the route back to Oberammergau that takes you past Linderhof Palace. Leave lots of time in your day to explore the grounds here before heading back to Oberammergau again for your second night.

The next day would be your drive to Salzburg. On your way to Salzburg you could visit Herrenchiemsee Palace (your boys will probably love the boat trip there and then the freedom to run on the island) or Berchtesgaden, Konigsee and the Eagle's Nest, depending on your interests.

Hope this helps, enjoy your trip!

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Looks like you have some good advice to get started with. Gute Reise!