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Fussen to Munich Private Transfer

Has anyone taken a private transfer from Fussen to Munich? I was thinking of maybe stopping at Garmish (see Lake Eisbee, possibly Zugspitze) and make a short stop in Oberammergau as well. We would have stayed in Fussen for two nights and on our way to Munich so we will have our luggage and wanted to make the best of getting to see some other sites. Otherwise we would go directly from Fussen to Munich on the train.
Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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Can't help you with private transfer.

It is very likely impossible to do Garmisch, the Zugspitze, and Oberammergau in one day no matter how you try it.

So on the day you travel by train from Munich to Füssen, what time do you arrive in Füssen? Getting to Oberammergau from there by train isn't really an option. This is a bus outing. So you're going to take a trip across mountainous territory for this ride...

1) Drop bags in Füssen at the station lockers there (or at your room), then board the 13:05 bus #9606 for Oberammergau (arrive 14:37.)

2) Return from Oberammergau to Füssen station using the 17:23 bus (arrive Füssen 18:59.) Details: This bus trip back to Füssen will mean a break at the Echelsbacher Brücke stop. You get off there at 17:56, then board bus #73 at that location. It departs for Füssen at 18:08.

Bus schedule:

The round-trip bus ride is free of charge if you are making your trip to journey on the Bayern Ticket Day Pass (€36/2) or if you are using a Deutschland-Ticket during your stay in Germany.

When you wake up in Füssen the next day, a day trip to the Zugspitze could be an option. But I imagine you are staying 2 nights in Füssen because you have things to do THERE.

Another option is to visit Oberammergau on the way to Füssen or on the way back to Munich. However, you will have to pack lightly (see Rick Steves packing advice) so you can tote your stuff with you during your visit... Oberammergau has no lockers at the station AFAIK.

Sample option using the bus schedule and DB schedule above for the Füssen > Munich journey:

Bus From Füssen to Oberammergau (9:45- 11:10, 1 change) then train to Munich (Oberammergau 14:35 or 15:35 - Munich 16:26 or 17:26, also 1 change.)

As for G-P, Eibsee (not Eisbee!), Zugspitze, etc, I just don't see any public transport feasibility for the snug schedule you have and with booked accommodations in Füssen. You'd do well to schedule 2 nights in the G-P area if you really want to give the area a modicum of respect and enjoy your time.