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From Prague to Dresden

We are currently in Prague, but would like to spend a few days in Dresden/Berlin before returning to Prague.
From what we are reading, since we will be traveling via train, we are not required to test before doing so.
This is all so confusing, as you know.
Can anyone confirm/deny/clarify?
Thank you.

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No need to register, fill in a form and submit it or get tested for entering Germany from Czech Republic.

Dresden has an incidence of 3.6 right now and I don't expect it to rise significantly in the next days. As long as it is less than 10 you don't need a test for accommodation, restaurants, museums etc. You must wear masks inside, though, and especially in bus/tram/train.

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Different local regulations for museums and the like have nothing to do with general immigration rules. According to the info provided by the German ministry of foreign affairs
since June 6, 2021, all travel from the Czech Republic to Germany is possible without entry notification, testing, or quarantine, provided you have not been in a high-risk, high-incidence, or virus-variant area in the past 14 days