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Frankfurt train tickets

Can someone please explain what the difference between the following train station options mean.
1- Frankfurt (Main) Hbf
2- Frankfurt Main Hauptbahnhof
3- Frankfurt (F) Flughafen
4- Frankfurt (Main)
I'd like to leave from the airport in Frankfurt to Paris.
thank you,

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Flughafen is the airport. You would need to get from Frankfurt Flughafen to Frankfurt Hbf to catch connections. All the others appear to be the Frankfurt main train station. Hbf is Hauptbahnhof. I am guessing Frankfurt Main is Frankfurt (Main) Hbf.

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The previous reply explained the different rail stations, but a few points to add.....

Note that FRA has two different rail stations, the Fernbahnhof and the Regionalbahnhof. The train to Paris will likely be leaving from Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof. There's a ticket office there, and you can purchase tickets either from a Kiosk or staffed ticket desk.

Your train will likely be arriving at Paris Est, and you can use Metro or whatever to get from there to your hotel.

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"You would need to get from Frankfurt Flughafen to Frankfurt Hbf to catch connections."

Actually, that's not true. As Ken noted, the airport has two stations, the Fern- and Regionalbahnhof. The Fernbahnhof allows you to make connections without back-tracking into the city, particularly if you're headed to locations in the NW and SW of Germany.

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Main in this sense means the official name of the city, Frankfurt am Main, meaning the city is located along the Main River.

Hbf is an abbreviation for Hauptbahnhof, which means a main train station and you will see this through out Germany

Flughafen means airport, any airport, and because the (F) is there, this means Fernbahnhof or "long distance train station". The ICE will stop here, and the station is located in the Squaire, near Terminal 1. If there would have been an (R) as part of the station name, this stands for Regional train station and this station is located under B-1 in terminal 1. This is where the S-bahns & Regional trains going to Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz and other local cities will stop.

You can catch your train to Paris from the airport or from the main train station in Frankfurt. Some of the trains going to Paris will stop at both of these, and others not. The Deutsche Bahn website will show you if your train stops at either of these stations. Time wise, there may be better connections taking the train from the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof rather than from the airport.

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To add to Ms. Jo's remarks: the reason why there is such an insistence on the river the city lies on is of course that there are two cities named Frankfurt in Germany. If Germans would follow the American custom of differentiating between identical named cities by state, the big Frankfurt with the banks and the airport would be called 'Frankfurt, HE' and the other Frankfurt would be called 'Frankfurt, BB.'
But it is customary in Germany to use the river, not the state, to tell such cities apart, so we're stuck with Frankfurt (Main) and Frankfurt (Oder) respectively.

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You're on the right track with the advice above.