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Frankfurt train station to airport?

Any suggestions on the fastest and most reliable transportation from the Frankfurt train station to Frankfurt airport?

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Do you mean the main train station or is there a metro? Where do I find the information?
Thanks, I have never been to Germany.

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Download the DB Navigator app. It includes trains, trams, metro, etc.

There is a train station at the airport (Frankfurt Flughafen). The train stations often have stations for the U bahn and S bahn (what you might call a metro).

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You can take the S8 or S9 commuter rail from Frankfurt HBF (main train station) to Frankfurt airport’s regional rail station. There is a long distance train station also at the airport but I would think the regional one will be easier.

Taking commuter rail between Frankfurt HBF & Frankfurt airport is very reliable!

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The Frankfurt S-Bahn system covers a vast portion of the metropolitan area, including some nearby cities like Mainz and Darmstadt. I only mention this in case it makes your full travel needs easier to accomplish. You only asked a single, direct question! Frankfurt also has a large subway (U-Bahn) and bus network.

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Use this website to find trains from the main station in Frankfurt to the Regional train station in the airport -
There is a train every 15 min. and it takes 11 min. to get there. There are also some regional trains leaving from the upper level of the Hauptbahnhof going to the Regional station besides the S-8 and S-9. I often ride those.
Right now, because they are working on the S-bahn tracks, etc. some of the trains are leaving from the lower level and some from the upper level. The RMV site will tell you this. Do not take the ICE to the airport, it is more expensive and you will end up at the long distance train station, instead of the Regional.

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Are you starting your trip in Frankfurt? Or are you coming from somewhere else? Frankfurt airport has a railway station with trains from all over Germany, so you may not even need to go the the Franfurt Main station at all. Just use the trip planner at to plan a trip from wherever it is you are starting out from (the trip planner accepts street addresses...) the "Frankfurt Flughafen" and you will learn how to get there.

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Assuming you are starting from the main train station in Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof), probably the simplest way to get to the airport is to take one of the S-Bahn (S8 or S9) that leaves every 15 minute (at 2, 17, 32, and 47 minutes after each hour) from the underground station under the ground level tracks at the station. You can get to the S-Bahn station by going down escalators from approximately the middle of the main track common area. Look for a large solid green circle with a white 'S'. The escalators are between the end of tracks 16 to 22.

About once every hour there is a regional train (RE 2/3) leaving from one of the ground level tracks at Frankfurt Hbf. If you can find it on the schedule, that would save you the escalator ride down to the S-Bahn station.

Both the S-Bahn and the regional train arrive at the close in underground Regionalbahnhof) at the airport. I would not take a long distance train (ICE) to the airport. Not only are they more expensive, it is somewhat of a hike from the long distance train station (Fernbahnhof) in to the terminals.

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Thank you all for your info. I made an error. I actually needed info from the Hamburg main train station to the airport in Hamburg. I will start a new conversation on the forum for this. I actually need to go from Berlin to Hamburg airport, so I was planning to take a train to Hamburg and then get to the airport from there.