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Frankfurt: Long (overnight) layover - will need luggage - will I be able to claim and recheck?

Good day,

My wife and I are flying to Prague via Frankfurt. We booked with United (one itinerary) with a connecting flight with Lufthansa.
Instead of stressing about the connection process at FRA, we decided to bookend the trip with overnight stays in Frankfurt.

My question is: will we be able to claim our baggage in Frankfurt and ensure it will not go onto Prague without us?

I am waiting to hear back from United.

Thank you.

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When you check in, just have them tag the luggage for Frankfurt.

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As just noted, they will, at least, look at you and say with a rising inflection, "Bags through to Prague?" You have to answer, loudly and clearly, "No, please check them to Frankfurt." Then watch and make sure that is done, and that the claim tags you are given say FRA.

Then it's your job to walk to immigration with your passports, and then find the right luggage carousel.

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Why not take enough clothes in your carry-on bags for a night in Frankfurt. That way you can check your bags through and still have clean clothes for Frankfurt. However, with such a long layover, my wife would be concerned about lost luggage, so collecting it might be a better option.

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I agree with taking a carry on for the night. In the US if the layover is more than 12 hours you have to collect your bags and recheck them for the next flight.

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I would be surprised if the airlines would consider what you are planning on doing a connecting flight. I have never experienced a connecting flight the next day. (Not counting an after midnight issue) This sounds like two separate flights, so you would collect your bags in FRA and check them again the next day for Prague.

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Some airlines won't allow you to check your luggage through to your final destination if you have a full day layover. However, if you can check your luggage, just carry a carryon with enough for one night.