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Frankfurt Airport - Kelsterbach AVIS Details

Our travel party of 2 couples will be arriving from the States at FRA Terminal 2 at about 8am local time, presumably zipping through passport control/pickup luggage/customs and then on to an airport restaurant for a revitalizing cup of coffee/breakfast. After the meal the plan is for the group to go to ground level where we will hopefully find a comfortable spot for the ladies and the luggage to patiently wait while the gents take a taxi to the AVIS facility at Kelsterbach to pick-up our Passat Combi before driving back to the terminal to reunite.

The ladies are a bit hesitant to be abandoned in the middle of a strange new land so a couple of questions for those familiar with FRA:

A) Are 'mini-van' type Taxis common at the airport? Something capacious enough for 4 adults to fit into with appropriate luggage space? (The theory is that we then all make the jump to Kelsterbach together).

B) Are there any 'comfortable' spots in Terminal 2 at ground level where folks can wait for pick-up?


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Are you saying that you've already checked with Avis and there is no shuttle that would take you to the Kelsterbach Avis location (which is close enough that you could walk from the terminal?)

A transatlantic red-eye flight usually means drowsiness and some level of disorientation upon arrival. When I've rented in the past, I've made it a point to catch a train that first day to my first overnight stop - I figure there's no sense challenging my driving skills in unfamiliar territory and with signage in a foreign language when I'm not 100%. Then I've picked up my car the next morning.

Avis in Germany has a car delivery service, by the way - I think it's €10. So you could catch a train (about €4 each) to Mainz, for example, spend your pm there, get some sleep, and walk out your hotel front door the next morning and into your rental car.

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Russ, thanks.

I hadn't even thought to ask AVIS if the Kelsterbach office had a shuttle, an on-call pickup or a delivery service - all excellent thoughts.

I guess I figured that since AVIS has an on airport presence they wouldn't make it that easy to avoid the 20% surcharge on the rental, but it is certainly worth asking about.