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Frankfurt Airport

How much time do you need after arriving at FRA to get your luggage and get to train station? I have allowed 2 hours for this? Flying in from DFW so we also have to pass any customs
Thanks - Bill

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This is dependent on so many things. If you let us know where you are going by train after your arrival we may have some more concrete ideas for you about the type of ticket you could purchase on the spot of ahead of time to give yourselves some flexibility.

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I have a Eurail Pass that can be changed. I just need an answer to my question.

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While my experience is pre-Covid, it was always fast for me-- around 30 minutes.

Google it and I found this :

People also ask

How long does it take to clear customs at Frankfurt Airport? Airport
guidelines also suggest a minimum of 45 minutes for international
connections, but given the size of the airport, allowing 60-90 minutes
would provide a more comfortable buffer.Mar 2, 2021

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William, customs for well-dressed Americans in Europe who know the drill usually takes zero time. But if you mean "immigration", that can have (highly variable) long, slow lines for the "All Other Passports" gates. I'm hoping for more automated immigration gates like I've used in London and Paris. Frequent stories about the physical size of FRA are certainly true, so the gate (... or "bus gate") your airplane gets makes a difference. You could look up recent arrivals to see the most common gates. It's also worth doing because you want to know how often the plane is LATE.

I think 2 hours is a reasonable plan, but there are many unknowns on any trip. We almost missed a TGV at CDG because an abandoned piece of luggage on our train's platform caused a lockdown.

I think FRA has two rail stations, "Regionalbahnhof" and "Fernbahnhof"

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I'm sure that everything always runs to expected times, but Frankfurt - like other airports in the UK and Europe and elsewhere - a lot depends. How many other international flights landing when you do. Did you leave DFW on time (spec so)? Will you have checked luggage, apparently so? Sometimes there are holdups there. All the immigration stations open?

Customs will be most probably a walkthrough the green door, but if you have things to declare or dog is on duty and slows folks down it could take longer.

But you sound like an experienced traveller over here so I guess all this is old hat...

I know you are bristley if you don't get the exact answer you want, but that's the best I can do....

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I think you are correct. I believe we can do the 2 hrs if everything goes well, but I have had a time they didn’t and I had to purchase another ticket. I didn’t remember the exact time it took last time I was there, but I am pretty sure it was less than two. We have a mobile Eurail pass this time and I believe we can change if we need to. Thanks for your help

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Since 2000, I've flown into FRA seven times. Four of those times I've left from the farther out Fernbahnhof. I know I've always made it to the Fernbahnhof within an hour of landing, but at least one of those times, my flight was an hour late arriving at FRA, so I was at the Fernbahnhof within 2 hours after my scheduled arrival at FRA.

I should add that I have always had only carry-on luggage, so that helped. Once, on a flight to MUC (Munich), I was sitting next to a German woman on the flight. MUC sends everyone through the luggage retrieval room after arrival, where there is an ATM. I had used the ATM to get money in the luggage room, and was leaving through the "nothing to declare" customs line, and I looked back to see my seatmate still waiting for her checked luggage. So having to retrieve checked luggage does add to you time getting out of the terminal.

But if you are using a rail pass, arriving late should not be a problem -- unless you have made a seat reservation for a long distance train, then with a late arrival, you would lose the reservation, but you would still be able to use the pass that day.

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Thanks. We do have rail passes with no reservations. It’s been a couple of years since I have been there but I only had a problem one time. I appreciate your response