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Frankfurt Airport

I’m taking an ICE train from Cologne to Frankfurt Airport to catch a flight back to the US. Once I arrive at the airport, do I go directly to terminal 2, the terminal my flight leaves from? Do I have to do security or anything else in terminal 1 before I leave that area? Thank you.

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Your train will come into the long distance train station which is basically across from Terminal 1. If you need to go to Terminal 2, just catch the free shuttle bus that goes there from the long distance train station. The trains are not behind security so you won't have any security until you check in for your flight and go through security to depart. Which airline are you flying with? Do plan on being there at least 3 hours before your flight departs.

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I’m flying Delta, my train arrives 8:30am and I leave 11:30am. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have to go through security or do anything in terminal 1 before I jumped on that bus to go to terminal 2. I’m guessing the bus is right out front and easy to spot? Thank you!

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Normal procedure:

  1. You arrive at Fernbhf which is "far" in front of T1 (near is the one for local trains).
  2. You walk over from station to T1 and stay in public area (no checks).
  3. You switch terminal by bus or train.
  4. In T2 you check in, go through security & passport control and head on to your gate or a lounge.

Easier procedure:
Some airlines support AiRail Check-in: "Right after arriving at the long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport, you have the possibility of dropping off your luggage in the nearby AIRail terminal. To find it, begin walking across the pedestrian bridge that connects to Terminal 1; you will immediately see it on the right."

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I was just at FRA for my Saturday flight home...the Terminal 2 line for passport control had about 1000 people in it. I had trained it in from Cologne the night before and stayed at the airport. My flight was at 11am. I'm saying all of this because you'd best make sure that your train gets to FRA in plenty of time. Contrary to the gushings of many travel writers, trains in Germany can be delayed and cancelled. I hopped on the Terminal transfer bus at 8am and didn't get to a seat at my gate until 10:30. I may not have made it had I jumped on a train that morning.