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FRA to Koblenz

What is the best/quickest way to get to Koblenz from FRA? We do not want to rent a car and would prefer using a shuttle/taxi for a party of 4 adults. What companies are tried and true? Hotel does not offer transportation. Anyone ever use taxi2airport service?

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Are you going from the airport or the city center? The train system in Germany is great and probably the easiest and cheapest way to get to Koblenz. There are several direct trains per day from the airport and from the city center. Travel time usually takes about 1.5 hours and costs around 125Euros. You don't really need a car for that route unless you want to get into the small towns. You can find schedules and buy tickets on I hope this helps some.

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Roromo5- have you checked the web site? I just looked and for 15 May for 4 adults in 2nd class the total cost is only 49 Euros (total for all 4 adults) for the 9:42 AM train from Frankfurt Hbf arriving at 11:11 AM at the Koblenz Hbf with no train change . This train also picks up passengers at the Frankfurt airport. I suspect the fare is higher if you wait and buy the tickets the day of departure...You can buy fully flexible tickets in 2nd class on the same itinerary for only 112 Euros total for all 4 adults.
Have a good trip!!!

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You can take a direct Regional train from the airport. A train leaves every 2 hours at 09:24, 11:24, 13:24, etc. from the Regional train station located under Terminal 1, track #3. Time of travel is 1.5 hours. I doubt that a taxi will get you there any faster. Certainly not cheaper.

One way ticket per person is 24 € if you buy it on the day of travel, so total is 96 €, but if you get a Quer Durch Deutschland ticket, valid on weekdays, cost will just be 68 € total. If it is a Sat. or Sun. you can use a Happy Weekend ticket and the total cost will be 44 €.

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The 49€ ticket Kenneth mentions, for the direct IC to Koblenz, is a train-specific non-refundable Saving Fare ticket, probably not the ticket you want to use when arriving by plane at FRA. If the flight is late arriving, and you miss the train, you lose your money.

The IC leaves from the Fernbahnhof, which is farther out, another 10-15 minutes walk beyond the Regionalbahnhof.

Saving Fare tickets must be purchase at least 3 days in advance of travel. On the day of departure you can only buy the tickets for full fare . Buying full fare tickets for the IC (@ 112€) would allow you to purchase reservations for 4,50€/seat. Seat reservations are not required on this train, but could be desirable is you wanted to make sure you could sit together.

On a weekday, you could also purchase a Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket (35€ for four people) at the Regionalbahnhof at FRA plus 4 local RMV tickets for the S-Bahn to Mainz for 17,40€ (4,35€/adult), 52,40€ total (less than the 66€ QdL-Ticket).

Whether you use the Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket from Mainz or the Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket from FRA, neither one can be used before 9 AM, but the RMV ticket is good anytime, so the RMV/RL-P combination would allow you to leave FRA earlier.

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Lee didn't mention the weekend version of the pass, Schoenes Wochende, which is essentially the same as the Lander pass except on weekends and can be used to travel anywhere in Germany.

Since he didn't mention it, and he really is the expert on German rail here, I'm now wondering if it's still offered?

Bottom line, a train to Koblenz from the airport is about as easy as it gets - really no reason to use something else unless you are loaded down with luggage (which can be a hassle on the train). Even then, the train will stop for a few minutes at both stations, so you don't have to worry about getting off in 30 seconds like you might have to at the smaller stations along the way.

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Brad, I recommended the Happy Weekend ticket in my post, so Lee didn't have to. The OP didn't tell us the dates though, so we don't know if they are arriving on the weekend or a weekday or their time of arrival.

If you get the direct train, you don't have to switch trains anywhere.

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Thanks for the tips everyone...we are arriving at the Frankfurt airport on Wednesday, the 11th of June and heading on to Oberwesel on Sat. the 14th. We do plan to also head up to Cologne on Friday, the 13th for the day from Koblenz. Thanks again!