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"FRA Comfort Services" to expedite connection in Frankfurt?

I have a tight connection in Frankfurt of 80 minutes traveling from Geneva to Johannesburg. It appears that this flight from Geneva is routinely 20ish minutes late, so it's probably really more like 60 minutes.There isn't another flight to Johannesburg until nearly 24 hours later, so I really need to make this connection.

I will have my elderly parents in tow, so I can't bolt through the airport. I'm debating either requesting assistance from the airline (mobility assistance given my parents' advance age of 82) or booking a service I just found in the Frankfurt airport called FRA Comfort Services which will meet you at your gate and taxi you to your next connection. Not sure if they get a separate/expedited lane for immigration or not. Has anyone used this service and can speak to its effectiveness? Would I be better off booking this or requesting assistance from Lufthansa? There is a fee for this service, but its minimal in comparison to what it would cost us if we missed our next connections in Johannesburg.

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I would talk to Lufthansa first - when our recent flight into Frankfurt was delayed, turning a tight connection into an impossible connection, they met us at the gate, bused us over to other terminal, took us to the front of the security line, and got us to our connecting flight on time. All of that was without us having to ask for assistance, so I'd definitely talk to them and see what they can do for you.

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*Not sure if they get a separate/expedited lane for immigration or not" - No immigration from Switzerland to Germany, they are both in the Schengen area. You would have to go through passport checks at Frankfurt for exiting the Schengen Area, which if you are not an EU/Schengen Area citizen involves your passport getting stamped, same as the passengers joining at Frankfurt.