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Flying Into Nürnberg This Time....

....... instead of Frankfurt to go to Rothenburg. Reason being, my friend Peter (who lives in Rothenburg) is picking me up. This means going through customs in Düsseldorf and I am wondering what your experiences have been at that airport? Easy to navigate?



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If you are flying into Germany from outside of the Schengen zone (like from the US), you'll go through Schengen immigration (passport check) in Düsseldorf. If you have carryon luggage, there will be a customs line there, but if you have nothing to declare, you should be able to just walk out through the "nothing to declare" line. If you have luggage checked through, you won't see it until you get to Nürnberg.

I've only flown out of Düsseldorf to the US. Both flights were Lufthansa, in the same terminal. I just went down the hall to the international departures end of the building, passing through outgoing Schengen passport control in the hallway on the way, but I don't know how they handle incoming international flights.

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Duesseldorf is not that big. You will probably be landing early in the morning. My recollection is nothing, which must mean I practically walked through immigation. I do remember the airport being a veritable ghost town at 6:30 in the morning. Question: Why not take the train from there to Wurzburg rather than the puddle jumper to Nuermberg? BTY that train also continues to Nuremberg. You could also go easy on your friend's gas tank and just continue on to Rothenburg on the train.

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Due to my dementia, I want to avoid possibly getting confused by train connections, etc., and want to keep my trip as simple and stress-free as possible. My airline folks have a heads-up, but best-laid plans and all that, so I just want to have a plan B in case I find myself without a guide.

Thanks for the help and advice.