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Few days south of Munich loop - is this itinerary practical?

Hi all!

I’ve been reading interesting comments here and would like your help with our itinerary. July 11-26 are my adult daughter’s days off and our priorities are the Passion Play and Auschwitz.

We have a few days to play around and would like to enjoy the outdoors. Not that we are hikers; rather walkers, 10-15 km. With incline, hope I could hike up/slow scramble and then ride the lifts down.

In terms of sort of local scenery we’ve been to the Pyrenees, the Swiss Alps region, rafted the Arve from Chamonix, Castles, Danube/Rhine, Black Forest.

So far, our 2 weeks look like this:

Sun12 - Arrive Munich x 3 nights (no day trips)

Wed15 - In rental to Zugspitze (cog railway up) & Eibsee loop. Or Partnach and some other hike/walking around - Klosterhotel Ludwig, Ettal x 2 nights

Thu 16 - Passionsspiele!

Fri17 - This is our day to catch up on whatever we missed on Wed (from Zugspitze, Eibsee and Partnach)


if weather is nice on The Road, detour south and do some hike/walk along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road (thoughts ?)

Either way, Berchtesgaden x 3 nights (probably close to the Park)

Sat18: Königsee boat tour getting off for some walk/hike. If time allows, salt mines or go picnic

Sun19: day trip to Salzburg (?)

Mon20 - Afternoon: return car and fly to Krakow - St Faustine Divine Mercy House x 3 nights (Auschwitz Tue or Wed)

Thu23 - Chill out x 2-3 nights in Amsterdam or a 48 hours stopover at Reykjavik on our way to DC

We tend to rush a little to avoid one-night stands and appreciate having some extra time every few days to have a nice dinner, relax, mingle with locals.

Does our itinerary seems to deliver that or is it too ambitious for two weeks? (I’m sorry if I insist on this but we usually travel for a few months at a time so I’m worried about squeezing in too much here)

About driving, does our south of Munich loop seems doable in our timeframe? Suggestions?

Any comments, ideas will certainly be appreciated!

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