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Farming village near Berlin

Hello Travelers,

My wife and I will spend a few days in Berlin in early may. We are looking for a farming village to visit that would be an easy train ride from Berlin. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks RG

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Good morning,
It may be a bit out of your range, but the Spreewald region (100 km or so from Berlin) might fit your description. It's a UNESCO biosphere reserve and my family stayed in a farmhouse turned guesthouse when we visited back in 1999. I think we stayed in the town of Lehde. Happy travels.


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The Spreewald is actually quite close to Berlin, only one hour by train (to Lübbenau). But places like Lehde, Leipe, Burg or Lübbenau aren't really farming villages, they live from tourism for quite a while now. And during high season they are very busy. A day trip is nevertheless highly recommended. It's a very beautiful region and great if you like to be active. In this case you can rent a canoe at the harbor in Lübbenau and explore the area on your own.
Here is a gallery of the region: Spreewald

Werder (Havel) could be what you are looking for. It's the centre of a fruit-growing region and lies to the south of Potsdam. The area is also quite beautiful and a popular weekend getaway for Berliners. Just around the corner is Caputh btw., where Einstein spent his summers in the late 1920s.
More about Werder: Werder

But real (and interesting!) farming villages that are easily accessible by train from Berlin are rare. What immediarely comes to mind are farming villages with castles, since castle hotels are quite popular, but most of them are in very remote places. Two castle hotels I really like are Boitzenburg and Neuhardenberg, but they are both more than 2 hours away. Picture of Boitzenburg castle, Picture of Neuhardenberg

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"...looking for a farming village to visit...."

The easiest and most flexible way of visiting villages in the greater Berlin area (Groß-Berlin) is to do it by rental car. Not all places are accessible by bus or train from Berlin. I agree with going to the Spreewald towns of Lübben and Lübbenau, visit them once in 1999, well worth it, nice towns, and old historical plaques can still seen there. Another interesting nice place, a small town, by train from Berlin is Neuruppin.

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Some really great ideas. We only have three days in Berlin, so we do want to maximize our time but want to see some country side as well as city views Thanks to all RG

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"Some really great ideas. We only have three days in Berlin, so we do want to maximize our time but want to see some country side as well as city views"

In this case I would recommend to simply visit Potsdam, which you should see anyway since it's one of Germanys highlights. Sanssouci alone can keep you busy for a whole day if you want to see the entire park. If you prefer it a bit quieter (i.e. less touristy) see the other royal parks instead. Either the New Garden with Cecilienhof Palace (details) or the area around the spy bridge with Babelsberg Park (details), Glienicke Park (some pics) and Peacock Island (details). This area is very pleasant.

Or, I think this could be exactly what you are looking for, take the train to Chorin (0:45h) and rent a bicyle at the train station. Chorin is a rural village in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve. The village is famous for the romantic ruin of a medieval monastery that whas partly reconstructed and surrounded by a park in the 19th century (pics). Other sights nearby are the Schorfheide (a forest) and the remains of Carinhall (Hermann Görings huge hunting estate), Hubertusstock (hunting castle of the German emperors and presidents of the Weimar Republic), the Niederfinow Boat Lift (details) and the many lakes of the region.