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Family trip 2 weeks munich/Prague/Berlin itinerary help

Hi all,
We are taking a celebratory family vacation this July with 10 people, ages 3-71. We are staying 7 nights in Munich, 4 in Prague, and 3 in Berlin. We plan to leave our belongings at our hotel in Munich, and take a couple of day trips from there. Neuschwanstein and hohenschwangau are. One of these. We have had our eyes on rothenburg since the beginning of planning this, but I am thinking this is too far from Munich to make it worthwhile. I am looking for a nearer town that will give us this same Bavarian village feel. I have read about Bamberg, regensburg, ulm, and landshut, as well as Oberammergau, garmisch-partenkirchen, and mittenwald. I am trying unsuccessfully to get a feel for which best meets these qualifications. All of them sound great, but we gotta pick just one, and don't want to spend all day traveling back and forth, nor move all of our stuff any more than planned. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Each of the towns you have mentioned have their own unique appeal. For proximity and charm, try Oberammergau. A train ride to Oberau and then bus to Oberammergau. You could also work in a visit to Ludwig's other castle - Linderhof, which is close by. And the lovely WeißKirche, too. I think you would save an hour in travel time in each direction over Rothenberg. Tchuß!

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Thanks for the reply! Are you saying we can fit in sight seeing in Oberammergau, plus the palace, plus weiskirche all in one swoop? We are very interested in seeing done churches, so this is very appealing.

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At three hours and two or three connections, Rothenburg doesn't make an ideal daytrip from Munich; it's more logical as an overnight destination. I'll leave the further advice to people who have visited the towns on your list.

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I realize your main questions were about villages in Germany, but I am planning my first trip there in a week, so I can't help there.

I can however, help on your 4 days in Prague (even though we're in the Germany forum). I'd highly recommend a day trip to Cesky Krumlov. It's 2 hours by direct bus and my favorite small town in all of Europe. With cobblestone lanes and creaky houses, it looks like you've woken up in a fairy tale. I spent one night between Vienna and Prague last year, but could have spent 3-4 nights just wandering.