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Euro Conversion Chart/Table

Does anyone know where I could find online a chart/table that would serve as a "cheat sheet" when out and about to convert dollars to euros. Thank you.

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Seventy-five percent is close enough and easy to noodle.

Add a third going the other way.

There's probably apps.

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I just add a third in my head when trying to figure out what something priced in euro is costing me in dollars. It's close enough.

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as Anita pointed out XE is a good one for an app.

If not, why not make a cheat sheet on your PC. Excel is great for that and you can change the exchange rates.

but as others said, just remember a multi factor. I use 1.3 or add 30% its easier for me and i dont have to be exact since im not spending thousand of $$$ there but it give me an approximate.

happy trails.

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My simple conversion is multiply 1.40X the dollar amount in Euros = US dollars.
Example 10 Euros = 14 USD 100 Euros=140 USD which is close. I round up, as it is easier..
The current exchange on 3/5/14 is 1 euros= 1.37 USD , 100 euros= 137.20

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I calculate by multiplying by 1.40 and am thrilled to have a few centimes left over - the exchange rate yesterday was 1.38...if you are taking a short trip a cheat sheet will work, but rates fluctuate so an app would be better for a longer trip to be sure you get the most current information.

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I have occasionally made myself a little card, using stiff paper (index card, maybe), and putting various conversions on it. Then I cover it with tape to keep it dry and give it a longer life. Over a week or so, the rates don't change very much. I put the foreign currency in round numbers and the dollar equivalents next to them. You don't need very many, since €5 is the same as €50 or €500, just mentally add a zero to the dollar amount. If you have €15 and €20 converted, then you can reasonably estimate any value between them. I keep it in my pocket with my cash for the day. When I buy something in euros, I would then have a good idea of how much it is in "real money." If you are considering a large purchase (case of wine, Venetian glass, Turkish carpet) the merchant will be able to do the conversion for you. Of course it's a good idea to check the rates on the net every so often. For that I like best.

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Go to Oanda, select the "CURRENCY CONVERTER" tab at the top of the page, then select the two currencies involved. After that, opt for the "Traveler's Cheatsheet" tab in the middle of the page. You can print the cheatsheet for easy reference while out and about.

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If you just want a general idea of about what something would be in dollars, just add a third more. Unless you are dealing in international trade, you don't need to know the exact price, in dollars. But remember, the price shown on a US menu does not include tax or tip; in Europe the price you see is almost what you will pay (rounding usually adds about 5% to the price in Euro). So a 10€ meal ($13 - $14) is about the same price as a US $10 meal after tax and tip.

But really, why do you need to know the exact dollar equivalent? It is what it is. Are you going to go hungry or sleep on the street because the dollar equivalent is too much? Depending on where you live, prices in Europe are probably a little higher in equivalent dollars than at home. And prices in NYC would probably be higher yet. It's all relative. Just compare prices in euro.

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What Lee said.

For Pete's sake, all the variations and exactitude listed amount to paying either two sixty five or two eighty for a two euro bottle of ketchup. If you want the ketchup, buy it.