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Eurail pass for students

My son is completing his study abroad experience in Germany. We are going to travel together for the last two weeks around Germany and Belgium. My question is if he can use the Germany eurail pass if he has a residence permit on his passport?

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research carefully if the pass is useful. Long haul trains require reservations that often cost more than just booking early and paying the fare. The era of the Eurail pass is long over; they are rarely a good deal. So be sure to cost it out.

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Long haul trains require reservations

That is very rarely the case in Germany and Belgium.

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Thank you for the input!! I’m going to be crisscrossing Germany and going to Brussels over a two week period. It looks like the rail pass will be economical. I will continue to do research.

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are you familiar with the 49€ monthly go-anywhere in all of Germany and use any mode of transport except EC/IC/ICE trains, good for everything for the calendar month subscription ticket?

That might mean less zigzagging because you won't be on the fastest trains, but you'll save a shed load of money so perhaps could plan for a more efficient routing?

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I’ve looked at the db pass. I will probably want to use the ice trains too. I’ll look at that option. Thank you.

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If you can plan ahead, you may not really need a national pass.

Between major cities, Flix train or other open access rail offers competitive fare over Deutsche Bahn.

DB has just released some sales inventory for ICE.

Within each federal state, there is a daily state ticket. Each major city has a fairly affordable daily, weekly or monthly ticket

The 49 euros ticket hyperlink: