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Euraid at Munich Haupbanhoff

Based on Rick's
book on Munich, we looked for Euraid at he Munich train station today. There are signs pointing to it, but we couldn't find it. Has it been moved, or closed?

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Yes, it moved years ago from the direction that the signs point toward. Instead, head toward the middle of the station and follow signs for "Reisezentrum." You might not see a relevant sign until you're half-way there. They are at ticket window #1.

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Last time I found it, you went from the middle of the cross-platform in front of the trains through the corridor towards the front of the station and turned left into the first hallway behind the Reisezentrum. It was down that hallway on the left hand side.

The last time I looked at the Euraid website, they made it sound like they are now operating from a counter in the Reisezentrum. I don't know.

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The Euraid is next to the flower shop or pretty close to it. It's still there at Munich Hbf.

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My experience is the same as Laura posted. Last time I visited the EurAide office, it was at Desk #1 (first one on the left) inside the Reisezentrum (DB ticket office).

You may find it helpful to have a look at THIS excerpt from the RS Germany 2014 Guidebook.