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Electricity Converters for Germany - help please

Hi RS Readers,
We have two packets of electricity converters/adaptors but we do not have the attached paperwork any longer.
Last year we brought all of these to Italy and used several.

Going this year to Germany and Austria and would like to know if it's possible for someone to guide us as to what shape we will need - please. We don't want to take the two Ziploc bags of items since we are using minimal luggage and conserving space.

How can we tell which shape adapters we will need?

Thank you so much!

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Are these two pin adapters? If so, they should work in Germany and Austia.

Three caveats, if your American appliances draw over 575 watts or have either grounding plugs (two blades and a round pin) or polarizing plugs (one blade wider than the other) they really should not be used in Europe with a two pin adapter.

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It would help to have some idea what types of devices or appliances you plan to pack along for this trip. It would probably be better to leave the Voltage Converters at home, and just take Plug Adaptors.