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easyHotel to open near Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

You know easyJet, the low-cost airlines. They operate easyBus in the UK and a total of 19 easyHotels all across Europe. The 20th easyHotel is going to open within walking distance from Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof on 1st December 2014.

A room incl. your own shower and WC starts from €29. If you want WiFi, TV, a blow dryer or a wake-up call it costs extra.

You can already make reservations through

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i use EasyHotels when they are convenient and i am happy they opened another.

I dont mine the cramped quarters, but i think that 99% of the readers on here won't care for the digs.

happy trails.

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I stayed one night at the Easy Hotel near Paddington in London. It's a place you get nickel and dimed to death, everything is charged as extra, such as checking in early other than at the regular check in time at 15:00. The earlier you want to do that the more it costs.

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Investigating the EasyHotel in London year before last, I found that I would be charged extra for a room with a window!!

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Yes, that's quite true at Paddington. So I turned down the window option....unheard of charging for the luxury of having a window. In Paris at a 2 star hotel it charged extra to have air conditioning in my room. I turned down that too.

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I think I'll stick with Holiday Inn Express (includes breakfast if that's your thing, and Wifi) or Ibis for my budget-friendly lodging needs.

It'll be interesting to see how they do in a place like Germany that already has a healthy hostels that have private hotel-style rooms market segment.

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I agree with selkie. We had good experience with Holiday Inn Express in Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden: reasonably priced, well managed and a generous breakfast buffet.

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When the local EasyHotel was converted from a previous owner they divided up every two rooms into 3, so only 2 out of 3 rooms had a window, the other one didn't. They charge two different rates for rooms with and without windows.
I came across a similar situation in an old large hotel in Manchestzer once. The rooms most have originally been larger than newer hotels, so they moved the intervening walls to create more rooms.
So long as they are clear about it and offer the option, I don't have a problem.