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Early train from Berlin central to Dortmund


Me and my daughter (12 years old) are going for a very early trip from Berlin to Dortmund by train at 5.29.

We will stay at ibis Berlin Hauptbahnhof hotel. We will have 2 hand luggages with us.

So is it safe to walk from our hotel to the central train station at that time?

At what time should we be to the train station?

Thank you.

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I'd say very safe. There is a tram station right across the street, and it is only about 200 meters (yds) to the station entrance. The early bird commuters will be out and about. If this is in June, the sun will already be up. by 4:45. Since it is a big station, arrive by 5 am to get your bearings and find where your departure track is. It has not been announced yet, but the train originates at the Ostbahnhof, so it will likely be the upper level platforms, up a couple of escalators

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Yes, it's safe and lots of others will be dong likewise as you , ie heading to the station, luggage in tow.

At 05:29 If this is in the summer, it will be day light.

Berlin Hbf to Dortmund Hbf is a trunk line on the ICE train. I don't like cutting it close and would get to the platform 20 mins prior to departure. Locate your coach's arrival "spot" according to the "Wagenstandanzeiger" ...less taxing for you if the coach overshoots that spot. Since this connection is a trunk line , you can expect the platform to be crowded.

I've taken this line but later on in the day. If you have time the night before, I would suggest checking out Berlin Hbf, familiarize yourself with its lay-out, location of the signs, escalators, and all that, less pressure on you in the morning.

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Thank you sir. The trip will be in 25th of April.

I will go around the day before to explore the station so that I will be on time for embarkation!!

Wish you all the best.

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You're welcome. Keep in mind that by 5 AM the food vendors are opened up so that you'll have time to get your coffee if all is planned correctly.

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Locate your coach's arrival "spot" according to the "Wagenstandanzeiger"

Please note that the printed Wagenstandsanzeiger are currently disappearing. The sequence of the cars is now only shown on the electronic display for the next train. This is a disadvantage compared to the old system, but on the other hand the display is then up-to-date.