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Eagle's Nest to Kufstein

Hi! We are flying to Munich for Oktoberfest next week but are also planning on visiting the Eagles' nest and then staying the night in Kufstein before returning to Munich. 1) There are 6 of us so we were planning on renting a van but all the blogs I read say to take the train. With that many people, it seems cheaper to rent but didn't know if it would be a huge hassle? 2) Do we need to book a tour guide at the Eagle's nest? I've seen people comment both ways on whether or not it would be worth it. 3) What is the most scenic route to drive from Berchtesgaden to Kufstein? I would prefer not to just drive back the way we came. Any additional tidbits would be appreciated as this will be our first time in Germany / Austria!

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Are you planning on visiting the Eagle's Nest during the day and then ending up in Kufstein for the night? I think that is too much to do in one day. Or do you plan on spending the night in Berchtesgaden and then spending a day getting to Kufstein. Why Kufstein?

Posted by mchpp
92724 Trabitz, Germany
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Sorry this late, but why the Eagles' nest and Kufstein? The weather can play into this with your visit soon.