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Drones in Europe

I'm visiting the following places in Europe and I'd like to know if it is allowed to use my drone. Salzburg, Split, Dubrovnik, Budapest, Prague and Munich. Thanks

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Note to self: be sure to pack that new SkyWall 100 for the next trip.

(check first to see if it'll fit within carry-on bag limits).

God bless technology. ;)

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In Germany, drones above 250 g need a fireproof nameplate with the name and address of the owner. Above 2 kg, the operator needs a licence. Maximum altitude is 100 m.
Drones must (in general, exceptions apply) be in the operator's sight at all times. They are not allowed anywhere near main traffic routes, residential areas (if equipped with a camera), nature reserves, airports, and people gatherings. I guess that rules out most of Munich.