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What type of driving ban? There is the "simple" version (you hand in your license and automatically get it back after one or two months or so), and the one where you completely lose your license and cannot re-apply for a new license for a certain time (often under the condition of a medical and psychological evaluation). Completely different things.

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I do not understand the context between question and posted link.

Is revocation of driving license your topic? If shortening revocation period is what you look for the information is standing here on your chosen website.

My opinion: a specialised lawyer is the best choice (Anwalt für Verkehrsrecht).

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I guess it would be important to understand the context of your question. What is your situation? Are you a German Citizen/Resident? Has your German License been revoked? Do you have a license from another Country?

My understanding is that the MPU applies to German License holders, not to citizens of other countries (since you would have no German license to revoke). If you are a citizen of an EU Country, infractions in Germany would affect your home country license and ability to drive throughout the EU. If from the US, hard to tell how an infraction in Germany would affect your US license (possibly not at all), and if you have a valid US license and an IDP, then the MPU is not a concern for you.