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Don’t fall for Munich airport shipment of confiscated items

I sadly packed items In my carryon that were not allowed. (Deli mustard from Dallmayr in too big of jars). I was told I could use a service called FlyWithoutCry, pay the fee and they will send my confiscated items. The fee is 24.90€, paid over a month ago. No shipment received. I’ve read I’m not alone. It’s a minimal fee, and it was a gamble. Just be warned if you find yourself in the same situation. It’s a shame the Munich airport endorses this firm.

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So you expect a package that has yet to be packed by a third person to arrive in the US within four weeks in times of pandemic and for that price? I'm regularly sending packages to my daughter in the US, and at the standard rate I expect at least 6-8 weeks transit time (it's the same vice versa). If you want it faster you have to use UPS or something similar and there the prices for a package up to 5kg start at about 50€. BTW, MUC doesn't "endorse" here anything. They simply refer you to the only option left at this point to save your goods from the trash.

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they must have been really big jars to have been worth 25€ to save.

I think you need to be patient. Did the shipping company guarantee a delivery date or time?

Couldn't you have checked the bag?

By the way, does your user name really mean that you kill bears? What kind?

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Too soon. Probably coming by container ship, each individual's package assembled with others going to the US as one load. If it were by air, it would be at least $50. I'd guess 2 months, maybe 3, and then you'll be enjoying your mustard.

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By the way, does your user name really mean that you kill bears? What kind?

Ha ha ha!!! Nigel, that made me laugh!

Ibearkiller, what the others said. I shipped a heavy package from Germany while I was there and it took 5 weeks minimum - and that was paying €50 for a DHL delivery. I'm sure you'll get it in the next month.