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Deutsches Museum Munich - Tours in English?

I'm trying to navigate their website and it looks like if I want a guided tour in English I have to book a group reservation. Or do we use headsets for individual use?

Does anyone have any recommendations about this museum? Which exhibits you found the most interesting?

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The Deutsches Museum is massive (16 kM of exhibits at the main site), so I'm not sure that a guided tour would really be worthwhile. In any case, it appears that they only offer German-language tours for small groups.

I've found that it's better just to get the printed guide and wander around on my own to see those exhibits that interest me. The exhibits are all labelled or at least easy to understand. With a self-guided tour, I can stop for a break, a coffee or meal when necessary, rather than being herded around with a group. I can't recall whether they offer Audioguides, but I suspect those will be available.

The exhibits I found most interesting may be different than what you would find interesting. I like technology, so quite enjoyed the computer section, electrical section, astronomy section and Amateur Radio sections. I'm also interested in WW-II history so enjoyed seeing hardware from that era.

Happy travels!

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Hi Alexandra

I was at the Deutsches Museum this last summer and found it a real treat. Spent over 6 hours wondering thru almost all it and could have used more time. ( I wanted to play with all the interactive stuff they had in the Physics section). The underground mining section was well done. Unlike Ken, I found the computer area quite outdated . . . equipment was at least two years old).

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I've been to the Deutsches Museum twice, 2009 and 2013. Whether the exhibits have English descriptions or not, I have never felt a need for a tour. I enjoyed going at my own pace. They give you a map of the museum, showing the exhibits. That was enough.

I think the most interesting exhibits for most people is the aviation exhibit, with WWII V-1, V-2, Jet fighter, Messerschmidt, a cold war F-104, and a WWI Fokker triplane. I found the bridge building exhibit (closed in 2013 very interesting), as was the mining exhibit and the farm equipment exhibit.