December Mittenwald or Hall in Tirol as base

We have 4 nights (after visiting Salzburg) to either Mittenwald or Hall in Tirol (may or may not have car) - dates early December. After this we will be getting train to San Candido.
Not sure which area would be more convenient for visit to Zugitspitze, towns near Hall etc.
For example if we stay at Hall without a car, we would have another transport change when we get to Innsbruck.

any advice appreciated

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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One question... are you trying to ski on the Zugspitze or just ascend?

Hall isn't convenient to anything except Innsbruck, especially without a car. And it's one of those towns you can see in about 20 minutes, and it leaves you wondering "Was it worth going out of my way to visit this"?

Mittenwald would be better, Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Ehrwald would be best.

Posted by asps2
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I don't understand why staying in Hall. Stay in Innsbruck that has much more sights and skip a train change.
Both Hall and Innsbruck are much lower in elevation than Mittenwald.

Posted by Lee
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I've stayed in Hall and visited Innsbruck. I say go to Mittenwald (or Seefeld, Austria).

Garmisch would be closest for Zugspitze, but I don't think the town itself is that great. I've been through but not stayed in Ehrwald, but I think I would prefer it to Garmisch.

I wasn't that impressed with the towns around Hall.

You can go by bus (via Nassereith) to Innsbruck, and avoid Garmisch, in about 1 hr 45 min.

Make sure you really want to go up the Zugspitze in December.

Posted by Paul
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Ok, we happen to love staying in Hall in Tirol. We've stayed at the Gasthof Badl 5 times so far during trips in 10/01, 10/03, 4/05, 12/10 and 12/13 for a total of over 16 nights. The old town of Hall in Tirol is very charming and the Christmas market there feels more "local" than most others. It's very convenient to Innsbruck. Innsbruck happens to be, simply put, magical at this time of year. The Nordkettenbahn in Innsbruck (as an alternative to the Zugspitze) will take you high into the Alps. We did this in early 12/10.

Check to see if you'll be in either the Salzburg or Innsbruck area during the "Krampus/Perchten" run or parade.

We also love Mittenwald. We stayed here in 5/05 and 10/06, but at this time if it's not during the limited Christmas Market there, it's extremely quiet. We visited again during our early Dec. 2010 trip and it was dead.

The Gashof Badl is a wonderful place to base. Nice rooms, terrific alpine views, an elevator, fantastic buffet breakfast (incl.), very good and reasonable restaurant and the owner/host Sonja and staff make you feel like family. They all go above and beyond to make sure your stay is perfect. Sonja will also help plan your sightseeing and activities if you like. She's a wealth of information on events, sights, etc.


Posted by Kevin
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Hall in Tirol isn't too bad to connect with Innsbruck and then from there you could connect a few other towns and destinations without a car. There isn't too much in Hall and some of the better hotels aren't near the train station so you would still need a taxi or a decent walk to your lodging. Since you mentioned visiting the Zugspitze then a town such as Garmisch (closer to Mittenwald) would be easier to use as a home base. If you wanted better options of places being open in the town you decide to stay in during the month of December than staying in Garmisch or Innsbruck would be better than Hall.