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DB Twin Pass - Pay by Credit Card?

Hi, We have an upcoming trip to Germany and the DB non-Euro German Rail Twin Pass (Rick Steve's pro tip) is very appealing. We plan to purchase this at the DB Travel Center at our port of entry at Frankfurt airport as it's only available for purchase in-person. Can we pay for this via credit card? Thanks.

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DB has discontinued their own German Rail Pass. They only offer the Eurail single country German pass now days.

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Sam is correct. The twin pass is history. You'd need two individual Eurail passes. Share your travel plans for advice on the alternatives.

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Thanks Sam for confirming the Twin Pass is long gone. We are in Germany for only a week, staying with family outside Frankfurt. We are traveling by train from Frankfurt for a round trip day visit to Cologne. Then a one way train journey to Munich. In Munich we'll do the usual tourist sightseeing. From Munich we fly out for the remainder of our Europe visit. Maybe a point to point train ticket is best vs flexi or continuous Eurorail one country (Germany) pass?

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Price this out on the DB and Eurail sites with your planned travel dates. Be aware that DB fares do rise as the travel date approaches.

Also, if cost vs time is of the utmost importance you can look at a Deutchland (D-Ticket). Only 49 Euros per person. Covers all local travel in Germany, including bus, tram U/S-Bahn and local trains. Downside is that a trip from Frankfurt to Munich requires 3 trains and about 5-6 hours.