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DB change the train schedule to train I can’t catch

DB has now rescheduled my train from Frankfurt airport to Berlin on 10/4/2022 to depart Frankfurt airport at 8:09am. I was scheduled to make the 2:09pm train as my flight arrives at 10 AM. So of course I will miss it. I have a 1st class train ticket.

I don’t understand. When I just now went to the DB app to see what trains are now available, they show my train as it is at 2:09 PM. It’s the same train number. ICE 796

What do I do?? Please help.

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I think this has something to do with the time difference between Berlin and NY -- since it's exactly six hours, and that's exactly the difference you are seeing. And since the app still lists the train at 14:09 Berlin time.

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Interesting. Then why did DB email me alerting me that my “journey has a timetable change”? I’ve taken DB ICE trains many times prior to the pandemic & I’ve never received an email like this.

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DB sometimes has glitches. I'm still getting emails about a timetable change for my train to Nuremberg, which I took back in April.

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ICE 796 hasn’t changed. According to the website, it is still scheduled to depart the Frankfurt airport at 14:09 on 04 October.
No idea why they sent you an alarming email, but I’ll bet the above explanation is correct. Some kind of glitch involving the time difference between Frankfurt and New York.

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It could also be that DB timetable may have changed for intermediate stops, or arrival time has been adjusted. Not familiar with this particular train, but worth a look.

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it even lists the platforms. Fernbahnhof 4 in your case.

Good luck - there are plenty of trains running

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Trains aren't like planes. DB doesn't have passenger lists and does not regularly "reschedule" trains by several hours.
It is possible for a train to be cancelled. in that case your ticket automatically becomes valid for all other trains on the route. So you just take the next one. But as indicated, this is a software glitch. There may have been a small readjustment to the schedule, which triggered an email send to everyone who booked this train on line.