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Day trip vs one nighter. Dresden/Neuremburg/Rothenburg

We will be in Prague and then have three nights before we will be in Berlin. We wonder if we should take the train to Nuremberg spend the night with a side trip to Rothenberg and then head on to Dresden for two nights before going to Berlin or spend all the nights in Dresden and take a day trip to Nürnberg knowing it's going backwards.
We will not have a car. His will be in 3rd week of May.
Any input would be appreciated.

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Prague to Nuernberg, Nuernberg to Dresden, and Dresden to Berlin all take about half a day, or 1½ days total travel time, and you only have three days to get from Prague to Berlin, so you would be spending 1/3 to 1/2 your time traveling. I would just go to Dresden for three nights. If you need more to do than see Dresden, go east, up the Elbe to Königstein and visit the fortress there.

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Agree with Lee. Dresden and the surrounding area have more than enough for three nights without blowing all your time in transit. Particularly Rothenburg. It's a nice town to visit if you're in the vicinity, but it's not a destination to travel several hours out of your way to see. Germany, particularly the central area of the country, is filled with similar towns. If you take the quick daytrip from Dresden to Meißen, I promise you, you'll soon forget Rothenburg.