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Day/night trips from Hamburg

Good morning!

I am going to be at a conference in Hamburg near the end of July. While most of my time will need to be spent at the conference (a pity), I have 1.5 days in the middle free for sightseeing. Can anyone suggest an interesting trip? I would especially be interested in seeing something related to German history (pretty much anything medieval through 20th century).

I won't have a car for the conference, but could rent one for a couple days, if necessary. Otherwise, I'll be relying on public transport.


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Near Hamburg I find Lübeck one of the nicest cities in Germany. Impressive history as part of the Hansa. Historical centre is well conserved. And an easy 45 mins on the train, so no waste of your precious 1,5 days.

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Lueneburg, about 35 minutes away by train is worth a visit. Medieval salt trading center, untouched by bombing in WW II. You can buy a Lower Saxony Laender Ticket for 22 euro and travel all day in Lower Saxony after 9 am weekdays or all day weekends on local trains and buses.

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Thanks for these great ideas! These were exactly the kinds of suggestions I was looking for. I may have to skip a day of the conference and travel the area more extensively.

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"related to German history (pretty much anything...)" Logistically, you can go: Hamburg to Berlin, Lüneburg, especially if you're in Prussian-German history, Lübeck, Kiel, Schwerin, even to Minden an der Weser if you take the early train. How about seeing Bismarck's house/museum?

Also, I suggest Pinneberg (reachable by the S-Bahn from Hamburg Hbf) if you're interested in a geographic segement of the former East Prussia?