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covid test required for transit through Germany?


I'm hoping to hear from someone with recent experience.

I am flying from the US through Munich on to Malta. I am fully vaccinated.

According to what I can find on Germany's website, I should not need to show a Covid test result just to transit through, just proof of vaccination. It looks like the requirement is proof of vaccination OR negative rest result.

However, I just heard of someone that had to show proof of vaccination and negative test results. Maybe an overzealous person at border control?

Has anyone flown through recently that can provide information on what is required?


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As you may know, the CURRENT rules are different for transiting within/from/to Schengen vs transiting between countries outside Schengen.

For transiting within/from/to Schengen AND traveling from an area of variant concern, a negative test is required. Proof of vaccination is not sufficient.

Any chance the person who you heard about was transiting from an area of variant concern within/from/to Schengen?

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No, you don’t need a COVID test for transiting Germany. I just did this 2 days ago. Flew DEN-FRA-WAW-VNO and didn’t have any issues. No checks done at Frankfurt-didn’t have to show a vaccine card or anything. Only place that asked for it was when entering the Lufthansa lounge