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Connection time in Munich

My wife and I will be traveling from the United States to Munich with carry on bags only. We then will connect to a flight on a different carrier to Dublin Ireland. We have 1 1/2 hours to connect. Is this enough time to clear customs and make the connection?

Munich connection report from
7/21: Overnight Montreal to Munich flight via Lufthansa/Finn Air. Departure was over an hour late which made arrival at 11:30am cutting it very close for a a 12:05 Lufthansa connection to Paris. Flew business class with carry on baggage so we were first off the plane. Changed terminals, went thru passport control, nothing to declare for customs in 30 minutes seat to seat. Amazing. I had planned for 2 hour layover. Still can’t believe we made the connection. Not sure what this means for a change to a different carrier.

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If the 2 flights are on a single ticket, and you arrive on time, then you should be fine. As long as you can stay airside, you won't need to go through Passport Control, since the US and Ireland are both outside the Schengen zone

If the flights are on separate tickets but you are able to check in for your second flight online, and you arrive on time, you should be fine.

If the flights are on separate tickets and you have to physically check in for your second flight in Munich, if you leave the secure area you need to go through Passport Control and security, which could be tight.

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Flights from the US arrive in Munich at Terminal 2. Non-Lufthansa to neighboring countries leave from Terminal 1. So to stay airside, you would have to go in an "airside transport" from T2 to T1. There are no "trains" from T2 to T1. There is a shuttle bus but I don't know how that works (I haven't used T1 since they built T2).

Does anyone know if you can go on the shuttle bus from T2 to T1 and remain airside? Do you have to go through security when you get to the departure terminal?

Customs should not take very long. In 14 trips to Europe, I have never spent any time in customs. I have never had my bag checked. It's always been a walk-through.

But the potential big problem is that your arriving flight might not be on time. In eleven trips to Germany since 2000, I've been an hour late arriving 3 times. Can you make the change in half an hour? No.

Kirsten said she changed "terminals", but I think she means from T2 to T2 Satellite (or v-v), and there are trains for that, and they are segregated as to airside and landside.

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You may want to familiarize yourself with the airport.

Do you know which terminals/gates your flights use? What airline are you using from MUC-DUB? Some airlines close the door 30 minutes prior to departure.

The key is the 1st flight arriving on time.

Is the not a more direct route to Dublin from your location?