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Connecting Flight in Munich Airport

My flight will likely arrive at Terminal 2 from the US (United flight) and my connecting flight to Naples, Italy, (Lufthansa flight) could depart from the K gates in the satellite T-2. If that’s true, the transfer looks pretty easy on the maps and I have plenty of time to make it. My question is whether I will be going through passport control and security in T-2 or in the T-2 Satellite? Hope that makes sense. Just trying to get ducks in a row! Thank you for your help.

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There are some great YouTube videos that explain the process - do a Google search to find one that best it’s your situation.

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I haven't used MUC since they built the satellite for T2, so I can only go from what I remember of Munich airport and what I have concluded from studying the airport site. I would invite anyone with better information to contribute.

Both the in-Schengen level (G) and the out-of-Schengen level (H) of T2 and it's satellite (K, L) are connected by dedicated underground shuttle trains which do not have security when changing buildings.

You will have to go through immigration (passport control) between your arrival (out-of-Schengen) arrival level (H) and the in-Schengen levels.

When I left on United in 2017, its gate was at the far south end of the main building of T2, and I expect they still use the same gate for both arrival and departure, meaning you will have a long walk from the arrival gate at the south end of the terminal to immigration in the middle of the terminal.

After immigration, you will be in level G and you will need to find the underground shuttle train to level K in the satellite.

It would also be possible, I think, to find the shuttle from the H level of the main T2 to the L level of the satellite and and then go through immigration in the satellite.