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Cologne City multi day pass (maybe 1 week) with 9 year old child

I would like to find an economical way to take the busses and tram in Cologne. At present I can buy tickets from DB for the busses/tram. Prior to now I would wait for the last moment to catch the bus that was coming so I could have enought time on that trip at 3.10€ plus 1.55€ (if I am taking my granddaughter). I have a Deutschland ticket for October when I'll be traveling solo for the month. I will only be in Cologne for 11 days in September and I will not be using the Bus more than 4 days round trip. The option i see on DB is to buy a week ticket for 30.50€ but that is just for me. Also, I am a senior (65+) and I don't see a discount fare for senior class.
Suggestions are appreciated.

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