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Christmas Markets- Munich and/or Nuremberg

We will be staying in Munich during Christmas. Is the market in Nuremberg worth the train ride or should I be satisfied with the Christmas markets in Munich?

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Both the main Christmas Markets in Munich and Nuremberg are overwhelmingly crowded, especially in the evenings. They are large and have much the same goods to sell. The reason to visit both towns for me would be the other sights. I lived in Nuremberg and love the town; but, Advent Season is my least favorite time to visit it because of the crowds.

You might consider the closer Regensburg as an alternative. It is a World Heritage Site for its buildings and squares. Regensburg has a Romantic Christmas Market at the palace that is a bit different in flavor though the goods are much the same as elsewhere. There is a cover fee to visit the Romantic Market.

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The Nuremberg Christmas market is worth the trip. It is one of the finest in Europe. However, Gary does make a valid point of the crowds during that time. Regensberg is a charming town and can be an alternative.

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I would avoid Nuremberg, way too full and it isn't charming at all. Heck, just look at the photos, every stand looks the same. Nothing really unique about this market.
Head over to Regensburg for a beautiful market.

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I think a trip out of München is worth your time. I have to concur on the crowding comments for Nürnberg unless you like that sort of thing. The Regensburger Christkindlmarkt is one of my favorites. Open 25 and 29 Nov - 23 Dec this year. The old city is beautifully decorated with lights for the evening. There are three different Weihnachtmarkt market squares and the pay to enter Thurn Und Taxis Schloss Weihnachtmarkt. The old city of Regensburg along the Danube also offers old lanes and historical sites, and many unique cafes, restaurants, bars and stores. I'd visit in darkness after 17:00 and maybe an overnight if possible.

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When we lived in Munich we visited the Nuremberg market once and that was enough. What other have said about it are accurate. You won't be missing out by not going so I would also suggest Regensburg

In Munich be sure to check out the smaller Christmas markets around town. There is a craft market in Schwabing, a medieval market on Wittelsbacher Platz and a community Christmas Market in Haidhausen (my favorite).