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Choose between a day/night in Weimar, Eisenach, or Bamberg in May/June

After a a stay in Berlin (4 nights), then Dresden (2 nights), we have one overnight open before a visit with friends in a small village just south of Bamberg (1 night).

Trying to decide if we should spend the open day/night in Weimar, Eisenach or Bamberg. We will be traveling by car.

After that we are heading to Rothenberg (1 night), then over to the Heidelberg area (2 nights) and finishing in Bacharach area (3 nights).

In our 50's - hate to shop, like everything else about foreign travel. Any advice? Danke, Lori

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Weimar is good for more than one night. I just can't imagine doing more than one of those three in one day. Do you have EGAPark and Buchenwald on your list? I agree about Erfurt, especially the oldest synagogue (building, not currently consecrated) in Europe. What about Leipzig and UNESCO WHS Dessau-Wörlitz, and maybe Görlitz? I have some doubt about three days in Bachrach with car, but I know all Rick readers worship the town. I'd rather see all these towns than the inside of three castles. (Opinion) I think you're covering too much ground. I've been to Germany five times and am nowhere near seeing the whole country. If I had a car, I would want to spend the time down there going to Quedlinburg, assuming you are interested in the Church Treasure and it's American history. It's a beautiful medieval town.

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If you are interested in a picturesque place go to Bamberg. If you are interested in German culture then go to Weimar (Goethe, Nietzsche, Bauhaus) and to Eisenach for the castle and the Bachhaus, as it is the birthplace of JS Bach. I have never (not yet) been to Erfurt, but I think it’s worht a visit.
If religieus history is of interest consider Lutherstadt Wittenberg. For architecture Bauhaus in Dessau.

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Yes, I tend to try to see too much! Perhaps we should slow down, stay put in Dresden for one more and night visit near by Gorlitz for that extra day. Then we can head straight to our friends village of Frickenhochstadt. Can't see it all..
Oh and the 3 days in Bacharach is really just 2, then one in Frankfurt before heading to the airport. Danke

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I agreed with choosing from a list that includes Erfurt. That's possible if you drop Rothenburg o.d. T. (which incidentally does nothing for me) and/or Bamberg. Then choose between Erfurt and Weimar. You can do both but that's pushing it. Weimar deserves at least two nights since it's not a town to be rushed. That famous and well known statue am Theaterplatz can also be seen in SF.