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cheap stay from midnight to 9:00 a.m. close to Airport

I am looking for cheapest resting place during above times.

I am arriving at Karlsruhe train station from Tirano via Zurich at 23:05 on 31/05.

Later in the day, I am flying from Baden - Baden/ Karlsruhe airport to London Stansted
13:05-13:35 (Ryanair flight).

I don't know if I should book an overnight or just stay in the station with 4 children.

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I don't see any accommodations around the Bahnhof on Google maps.

When I was there, I took Bus 201 from the Bahnhof to Hindenburgplatz. I looks like that bus runs until well after midnight on your date. Bus 205, which, as I remember, is the one Rick recommends to take to his favorite hotel, makes it's last run at 11:30 PM.

I don't think staying in the station would be unsafe, but I'm not sure it would be open. At least everything (services) in the station would be closed.

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May I ask why Karlsruhe?
You have travelled from Tirano, via the Bernina express as far as Zürich. Why go all that further way north just to catch a plane to London Stansted?
You could stop at Zürich and take a flight from there to London the following day, or go on to Basel (through which your train route to Karlsruhe goes) and stay there. Both Zürich and Basel have cheap flights to London by Easyjet and others, and in both cases London is the most flown destination from those airports.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport is 40 km (25 mi) south of Karlsruhe and not well served by public transport. It is nearer to both Baden-Baden and Strasbourg.

I would not recommend overnighting in a station, especially with 4 kids. They are liable to lock up the station and throw you out.

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Only reasons to go to Karlsruhe were a cheap Ryanair flight later in the day, one which landed at Stansted and allowed us to book a cheap return fare home to Leicester.

I gave a good thinking and then decided to go for this route.

Many thanks for prompt replies. I think a bus service is listed to airport so I am thinking book something in the nearby area.


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There is an Ibis Hotel about 250 m to the right exiting Karlsruhe Hbf. Price looks reasonable.
There is also the Schlosshotel across the street.
The Hahn Express Bus lists a departure at 11:10 getting to the airport at 12:00 noting for flights after 12:30. They request reservations for groups of 5 or more.

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be sure you jump through all the RyanAir hoops - read the rules Very carefully.

I understand that you've probably already bought those tickets, but for others wouldn't East Midlands Airport or Birmingham be more convenient for Leicester? Or even Luton? Than Stansted.

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Firstly quite impressed that this is the first forum I have come across where people have actually taken time to reply promptly. So sincere thanks to all of you.

Yes, I had good look at Ryanair's terms and conditions. As such we have travelled with easy jet London Gatwick - Amman so I believe it will be a similar experience.

I did have a look at all possible ways to book a nearby airport...finally coming to a point where this flight was best suited to maximise our May break.
To share with you people, my plans are like this:
Leicester -London (22/05-23/05)

Lon.Std.- Memmingen airport (7.05-9:50)
Memmingen train- Zell am See( eurocamp / sport wofurlgut)(13.05-18:45)

Stay @ summercamp for 6 nights.

Bruck Fusch- Buchs SG (6:16-12.06)
Buchs SG- Landquart ( 13:00....14:00)
Landquart affordable accommodation next to the main terminal of the Baden Airpark airport, ( visit shopping outlet) till late.

Stay @ malans inn( malans seilbahns)(29/05-30/05)

30/05(8:00- 12:45)
Catch Bernina from Landquart/ sargans?? which ever is closest )

Tirano - Karlsruhe 30/05-31/05

Stay ????looking for cheapest option...

Afternoon catch flight
Karlsruhe- Lon std.

London Std- Leicester
14:20/14:45- 18:00 (Max) return home.

01/06...back to work....hmmm

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Check your itinerary dates. You show arriving Karlsruhe 23:05 on 5/31 but your flight is at 13:05 on 5/31.
Assume it is a typo. So on Saturday, 30/5, you will go from Landquart to Chur, then continue on the Bernina Express to Tirano, and then turn around and return on the Bernina Express continuing to Zurich and to Karlsruhe at 23:02. Next day, Sunday 31/5, to BB/K airport and home to UK. On Sunday, there is only a 5:50 bus to BB/K airport.

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Yes, apologies,

I am reaching Karlsruhe Hbf on 30/05 at 23:02.

Now could someone tell me if I should alright at any of the train station which are before Karlsruhe Hbf, if that would allow me to reach the Airport in less time and money.

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" I should alright at any of the train station which are before Karlsruhe Hbf, if that would allow me to reach the Airport in less time and money."

There is a public Stadtbus, BBL 205, leaving Baden-Baden Bhf at 11:19, arriving in 19 minutes at the terminal at FKB at 11:38. Cost is 4,-€ for an adult, 2,-€ for a child.

I believe this is the hotel that Rick recommends. You can get near it by taking bus 201 from the Bahnhof.

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The intermediate stations are
Tirano Sa, 30.05.15 dep 14:26

Chur Sa, 30.05.15 arr 18:20 10
Zürich HB Sa, 30.05.15 arr 19:53 6

Zürich HB Sa, 30.05.15 dep 20:00 15 IC 786 Intercity

Basel SBB Sa, 30.05.15 arr 20:53 7
Basel SBB Sa, 30.05.15 dep 21:13 IC 60459 Intercity
Basel Bad Bf dep 21:22 4
Freiburg(Breisgau) Hbf dep 21:58 1
Offenburg dep 22:30 3
Karlsruhe Hbf Sa, 30.05.15 arr 23:02 8

Unfortunately it does not stop at Baden Baden...and I have made a booking at B & B (opposite the terminal) which will be convenient to reach before flight at 13:05 after a good bed & breakfast.
But how do I reach there ....

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Ryanair fly from Basel to Stansted, and Easyjet fly from both Zürich and Basel to Luton; and Luton has a direct train service to Leicester. I think any price saving on Ryanair will be eaten up to the extra train fare to Karlsruhe, not to mention the aggro of arriving so late at night.
But that is just my opinion.

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You can back track from Karlsruhe. There is a train going the other way 10 minutes after you arrive in Karlsruhe that goes to Baden-Baden arriving at 23:27, Or you can wait one hour in Basel and take the 22:13 IC train that gets to Baden-Baden at 7 past midnight.

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I know you are right....unfortunately, I was under the impression that it being a secondary airport, would be accessible via the Tirano - Karlsruhe train and so I have booked it already.
Secondly, I don't drive and so I could get a cheap return transfer to Leicester. When I looked at the fares..they were too early or too late in the night which means going to work wasnt possible. If I cud do it, I would have booked 1/06 flight which was very less compared to the fare I paid to fly on
31/05. After hours on end considering every possible airport around the train stations, only this was allowing me to return around 6 p.m. .

I am just new to travelling to Europe and so I am learning it through these experiences....
Thank you for your honest opinion.

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Sorry, somehow I thought your train was stopping in Baden-Baden and that was where you were going to spend the night. That would make it faster and cheaper to get to FKB the next day.

Do you already have your train ticket to Karlsruhe? Is it a full fare ticket? If it is not a non-exchangeable Sparpreis ticket you could exchange it for one using the RE leaving Basel Bad at 21:28, getting into Baden-Baden at 23:47 with a change in Offenburg. Or, you could just get off the IC in Offenburg, stay the night there, and take a train to Baden-Baden in the morning (about 10€ for you and the children). Then take a local bus to the airport, about 12€.

I think I would be inclined to get off the IC in Offenburg (since that would be not as late at the 11 PM in Karlsruhe).

Here is a place in Offenburg with a three bedroom apartment for 65€/nt.

This place is more expensive, but near the Bahnhof.

Here is another place, less expensive than the above hotel and closer to the Bahnhof.

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You can stick to your plan and do the back track on an ICE train in 15 minutes. There are 49 euro sparpreiss tickets available. Seems like a lot, but if you have something booked already in Baden-Baden.
Another option is to get off your train to Karlsruhe at Offenburg and wait for the 23:23 train to Baden-Baden arriving 23:47. That can be done with a laender ticket for 35 euro, or less depending on the kids' ages.

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If she hasn't already purchased her ticket to Karlsruhe, she can make the ticket to Baden-Baden instead and force the change in Offenburg. Then the regional train from Offenburg to Baden-Baden would be included in the total fare. Or, since the adult fare (any children over 14) from Offenburg to Baden-Baden is 10€ and any of her children under 15 with her are free, if only one is over 14, that would be only 20€ for the whole party.

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Firstly, i already have the ticket called Europa Spezial from Tirano -Karlsruhe.
I would prefer staying in in the terminal area and so I found a B& B there for £103.00

I have 4 children aged 18, 14, 11 and 9.

No I just need to reach this hotel by all means ... wait there till 2 hours before the afternoon flight to London.

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Ok, here is what I suggest. Even though you are ticketed through to Karlsruhe, get off of the train at Offenburg at 22:30. Buy 2 adult tickets and 3 child tickets to Baden-Baden for 20 euro total. The 3 younger kids ride free with you, although you must list them on the ticket. At 23:23, there will be a Regional Express train that will get you to Baden-Baden at 23:47. The ticket counter will be closed, so you will have to buy the tickets from a vending machine or buy them now online.
I assume you will be staying at the B&B Hotel Baden Airpark. You will need a taxi from Baden-Baden station to get there. Here is taxi service in Baden-Baden:
Their "stand" is a couple of blocks from the station. If there are no cabs at the station proper, call the number on the website. Let them know you have 5 people and luggage. It may take 2 cabs. Good luck.

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Thanks again.
After all the valuable information, I plan to get off in Offenburg station, stay in the station at a cheap accommodation and next morning travel to Baden baden or direct to airport before 9:00 to arrive 2/3 hours in airport before departure at 13.05.

Now can someone help me how best to reach airpark at a reasonable fare either by taxi/bus or train.

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Here is latest suggestion. On the morning of your flight, buy a Baden-Wuerttemberg Ticket for 2 adults and 3 children. Cost will be 28 euro if bought from a vending machine or 30 euro if bought at the ticket window. You can take a 10:02 train to Baden-Baden arriving at 10:27. At 11:19 board the #205 bus to Baden Airpark. That will get you there by 11:37. The bus cost will be covered by your Baden-Wuerttemberg Ticket.
You can also leave 1 hour earlier and be at Baden Airpark by 10:07. This bus leaves the station at 9:49.

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Yes yes. All my well wishers here, I have no words to thank you all. This information has given me relief.

I will alight the train at offenburg, stay near the station and then next morning head to Baden Baden @ 9:00. From Baden- Baden collect some lunch or eat there if I find food which is "suitable for vege" for Ryanair allows to take food on the plane. I will definitely use the Baden Württemberg ticket.

Rehana Mulla.

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Just few last things on my to-do list

  1. Pack for summer camp for family
  2. Pack some pantry staples to cook 6 meals.
  3. Clothes, shoes & toiletries.
  4. Order currency
  5. Check documents
  6. Highlight transfer times
  7. Copy all passports
  8. Medications and first aid
  9. Linen and bedding
  10. Go through Ryanair website to jump their hoops.

  11. Check on line and print boarding passes

  12. That's all I can think of...

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4 Order currency (enough for first few days)
4a Pack bank cash machine cards and credit cards (getting cash from a cash machine or paying by credit card is cheaper than changing money at your bank before you leave).
4b If you have more than one card, keep one yourself and give the other to a responsible fellow traveller. That way, if you do loose your handbag, you still have one card left.
4c Make sure you have your bank's emergency phone number for blocking lost or stolen cards.

8a (Assuming you are a UK resident) Get European Health Insurance Cards for all in the party. It's free see here. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

11 Print two copies of boarding passes, tickets etc. and keep in two different places.

12 Are you bringing a mobile phone or anything which needs charging - if so get a plug adapter for the charger.

13 Print out a basic phrase book 2-3 pages per language. Plenty online. You need numbers, Yes/no, please/Thank you and basic foodstuffs and menu items.

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And be sure to let your bank/credit and atm card issuers know you will be using the cards out of the country.

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Hille, Rehanna already said above that home is Leicester. That is why I mentioned the European Health Insurance Card, which only applies to EU/EEA residents.
FYI, If you have a card from a European bank you do not need to inform them about visiting other countries in Europe. It is only US banks that think foreign usage is suspicious.
But I have read that some European banks are now asking to be informed about use outside Europe.

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Hi all,

I have tried calling to book the apartment £65/not in Offenburg, however, its full.

Can anybody recommend any other
other cheap apartment ?

Sincere thanks