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Cheap airlines

How good is the Eurowings?
Am planning to buy a ticket from Munich to Amsterdam in June.
Need reviews
Also need options to travel from Munich to Amsterdam that will be the smartest.
Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot!
It's just that the reviews on the net aren't too good so thought I'd recheck.

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European low cost airlines are very low cost but they truly come with no frills and lots of restrictions (especially on both checked and carry on baggage). Tickets are dirt cheap, sometimes ridiculously cheap, but you must adapt your expectations. You know the saying: you get what you pay for. It's a short 1 hr flight, so just hang loose.

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the important thing is not to presume anything, don't expect things to be like north american airlines.
check the carry on policy and the checked bags cost, check in procedures( you will need to check in online) and the time you have to be at the gate, they will often try and get off the gate early if everyone is aboard .Carry-on , if they say one bag then it is one bag , not one bag and a personal item or one bag and a purse or one bag and a laptop bag and make sure it is within the size and weight they state.It is ONE BAG and this particular rule seems to confuse many people, I use Low cost carriers many time a year in Europe and there always seems to be some idiot that cannot understand what one bag is.