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Changing planes at Frankfurt airport

Has anyone changed planes at Frankfurt this summer, and was it as chaotic as some other European hubs? I’m flying from LHR to Capetown via Frankfurt at the beginning of September ( 1 ticket, change flights in FRA) and am now concerned that the easy 2.5hr layover won’t be enough. Given that September is still a very busy travel time in Europe, I’m not sure that things will have settled down that soon. On the other hand, maybe I should rather be worrying about the leg from LHR to FRA and not the layover time!

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The flights to S. Africa leave at night, when there is hardly anyone there. I would not worry about it. The last flight out of Franfkurt is supposed to be 2300 and the flights to S. Africa are usually around 2200.

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Thanks, Ms Jo, I hadn’t thought about that, it’s reassuring!

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I was in this airport a few weeks ago and I think 2.5 hours is more than enough time. Have fun!

I have an hour and 40 minutes for a connecting flight in the Frankfurt Airport. I’ll be arriving from the US and continuing on to Luxembourg.

Do you think that’s enough time to make my next flight? Or would it be wise to try to reschedule my flight?

I’m worried about delays and having to go through customs and security that I won’t have enough time to make my flight or enjoy the lovely airport! Thank you.

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I'm replying to Oz, not the OP (This is what happens when you hijack a thread. You really should have started a new thread.)

Are you arriving and departing on the same airline? Same ticket? Will your bags be checked through to Luxembourg?

All this will affect how much time you have and need.

If both flights are on the same ticket, you bags should be checked through to Luxembourg. You won't see them in FRA nor have to take them through customs, which is pretty much a formality today.

However, since you are entering Schengen at FRA, you will have to go through Immigration (Passport control). That has always gone smoothly for me, but it can possibly take some time.

Follow the flight arrivals on the Frankfurt Airport arrival website. If you will stay in the same concourse (hall) building (A/Z, B, C, or D/E) that will be a big help for changing planes/gates. Staying in the same building could also simplify security.

If you example, if you arrived from the US at a Z gate and your flight left from an A gate, it shouldn't be too difficult to make the connection; you would not have to go through security.